Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Right to the Tippy Top

Glorious 1930s Hat #1930s #hat #fashion #30s #style

Hats, fascinators, headbands, and hair accessories. They all woo me with their romantic, whimsical, flirtatious, masculine, feminine, magical charms. I never wore hats or much of anything in my hair for most of my life, thinking that they didn't look good on me or that I couldn't pull them off somehow. Now I'm convinced that like most fashion, it isn't that it doesn't look good on me, it's that I just haven't found the right fit or style yet. I've given up giving up on certain fashion pieces. I feel like it puts an unrealistic wall up that cages you in and blinds you to change. And the "I just can't pull that look off" nonsense? I've given that up too! If I love something and I think it works, then I'll damn well wear it with confidence!

As inspiration to wear what you love, I'm sharing some beautiful ladies in daring and glorious hats from the 20s and 30s. Every time I see these images, I feel magic in me. Before, I would stifle that and say "if only I could pull that off" or "if only people dressed like this now, I would...", but now! Now I say, "I love this" and "I should try that" and "I would rock that!" and let the magic these images conjure up finally find expression in me!

What about you? What do you say that stifles the magic within?

Joan Meredith - 1920s #20s #hat #1920s #fashion
Magical 20s Fascinator Cap #1920s #accessory #20s #fashion #hair
1925 - Naomi Johnson by Alfred Cheney Johnston #1920s #photography #20s #portrait
1920s - Clara Bow #20s #fashion #1920s #style #cloche
Jean Harlow - Bombshell (1933) #1930s #hat #30s #fashion #harlow
Peggy Shannon, 1930s #30s #fashion #hat #1930s
Benita Hume #1930s #fashion #30s #style #hat
Gorgeous 1930s Gal #1930s #fashion #portrait #30s #style #hat
Late 30s/Early 40s Hat Fabulousness! #vintage #hat #1930s
Loretta Young #1930s #hat #30s #dress #vintage #fashion
1920s/30s Greta Garbo #vintage #fashion #30s #style #garbo #1920s

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  1. Stunning photos! I wish I looked good in hats too. Happy Friday dear!

  2. I will have all of these hats...they are magical and marvellous. I adore hats :)) This first picture is just exquisite!! Happy Friday doll x

  3. These hats are too good...I couldn't pick a favorite for love or money! A hat really finishes things off, for sure.

  4. Totally agree, my dear Lady. Now it's time to use what we want without thinking about what "should be" or not ... Happy weekend.

  5. I agree. I've been hearing "am I too old to wear that?" in my head lately. I want that banished forever. I think it is due to often reading rules about what NOT to wear as you age. All rubbish. If I can wear and it and feel happy about how I look then why not?


  6. Marvelous pictures! I adore that time and style! Thank you for awesome comment on my blog, have a great weekend!

  7. The photos are so gorgeous… As for breaking out of the comfort zone and trying new things… I do that sometimes, too and I also believe that it's all about finding the right thing… Though I must admit, there will always be pieces and styles that I won't be able to wear… Mainly because they aren't me. x

  8. Lovely pics! I dont wear hats but they look chic! Have a great weekend :)

  9. Wonderful pics! I would love to wear hats, but I think I look horrible in them. :)

  10. Not much stifles me anymore! If I see something I like, I try it on. Of course, not everything I like looks good on, if so, no big deal. I can usually get over it. And I personally believe that everyone is able to wear hats, they just need to find the right one! And vintage is a great way to explore hats! There was so much creativity back then! As showcased in your fab selection of pics!


  11. These pictures are gorgeous. I totally agree. It is really important to break out of one's comfort zone and just wear whatever you like. I know a lot of people feel a bit unsure when it comes to hats but they sure can provide an ultra classy look.

  12. Oh hats! I absolutely adore them and I know so many people say that they cant wear them which always makes me sad. Ive gotten a lot braver about wearing vintage hats this year. I pretty much always have on a hat or barette

    kate the old fashioned way