Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Vintage Hooded Scarf Tutorial

It's tutorial time again!! Yay!!! I've only done one tutorial before (see here) and it was also for a head scarf, but that one was for a bow topped one (and no makeup!) that I use to cover my pin curl setting so as not to look like a crazy person with metal clips everywhere like a weird vintage medusa. Phfew! That was a long sentence! Let me catch my breath...

Daytime Drive #vintage #marilyn #monroe
Okay, today's vintage scarf tutorial is what I use to cover my pin curls after I've taken out the setting and they are nice and pretty and ready for an evening out. I modeled this look after the many vintage starlets that take convertible car rides and don't want to ruin their hairstyle (like Marilyn shown here with her hair covered and sunglasses).

How to Tie a Vintage Hooded Head Scarf:

How to tie a vintage hooded scarf #vintage #scarf #tutorial #hair #diy

Notes and Necessaries:
- Level: Easy Breezy
- Scarf: Large Square (mine is silk, 40"x40")

Pin Curls #1940s #1950s #hair #vintage

Start with a large square scarf folded in half to make a triangle.

Vintage Scarf Tutorial #hair #vintage #scarf #tutorial

Hold the scarf like an upside down triangle over your head and gently lay the scarf near the front of your hair, leaving your bangs free. 

Hair Scarf Tutorial #vintage #hairstyle #scarf #hair

Grab the two equal ends of the triangle and put them in front of your shoulders, leaving the point of the triangle on your center back.

How to tie a vintage style headscarf #chatterblossom #hair #tutorial #vintage

Take an end in each hand and pull one end to the other, so that both ends are together on one side of your face.

Hair Scarf Tutorial #vintage #hair #style #scarf

Hold both of these ends in one hand so that your other hand is free.

Vintage Driving Scarf Tutorial #vintage #hairstyle #hair #diy

Now take the back point that you've left behind you and bring it forward over your shoulder.

Marilyn Inspired Scarf Tutorial #vintage #marilyn #hair #style

Leave it draped in front and grab your two front ends in each hand again. Cross the two front ends and pull gently until snug under your chin.

Tutorial on Vintage Head Scarf #hair #vintage #scarf

Take the third point that you left draped and pull it through the two crossed ends.

Vintage Hooded Scarf Tutorial #vintage #hair #style #scarf

Now just tie a large loose bow using the two crossed ends. Once your bow is formed, take that third point that you pulled through and tuck the point through the bow knot to give the bow extra drape and volume.

Vintage Hooded Scarf Tutorial #vintage #hairstyle #scarf #hair

Flounce and adjust your bow until you're happy with it and you're done!

How to Tie a Vintage Scarf #hair #vintage #scarf #diy #tutorial

I don't personally pin or secure my scarf because I just use it to gently cover my curls so the wind doesn't mess them up. However, you could easily bobby pin each side by your ears to make the hood more secure.

Vintage Driving Scarf Tutorial #marilyn #vintage #hair #scarf

You are now ready for your very chic drive about town! 

Chic Vintage Driving Scarf Tutorial #vintage #hair #style #scarf #diy

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  1. That scarf looks beautiful on you! Makes me want to own a convertible so I can ride around in style. Lovely post.


  2. Aww, lovely tutorial and amazing scarf!!!!

    Have a great rest of the week:)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, its great! I absolutely love that scarf!!

  4. Great tutorial. The scarf looks perfect on you. Now you just need a 1950's convertible to zoom around town in : )


  5. Love this, I'll definitely be giving it a try if I find I own an appropriate scarf...

  6. Everything about this is great!

  7. Good info you look amazing in your scarf

    urban hounds

  8. Now I want your hair and a scarf just like that!

  9. you make to look so easily, thanks for the tutorial.
    About women and not only Blog

  10. This is beautiful! Pinning again :)

  11. I love this! Absolutely gorgeous my friend.

  12. Oooh, love it and the scarf and you look fab!

  13. You look lovely! And the days of wearing scarves to protect your hair aren't over, that's for sure! When I was in beauty school, I saw such scarves brought out often because we did a lot of weekly roller or curling iron sets, and the ladies would cover their hair up with a scarf before heading back out into the weather, because they sure wanted their style to last till next week! I've never actually tried doing pin curls on myself, i think my hair would have to be a little longer.

  14. We have been test-driving convertibles recently and could really have done with one of these!

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  15. So very, very pretty! I often tie my headscarves in a bow, next time I sport a neck one, I'll take your lead and put the bow around my neck for a change. Thanks for the great how-to and inspiration!

    ♥ Jessica