Friday, September 21, 2012

Feature Friday – The Naked Man Vintage

light blue 1950s men's suit jacket Today's featured shop is for the classy guys out there! Okay, so it's a small group, but many are born classy and some are converting over slowly. My husband is one of those that needs a bit of evangelizing and has dipped one toe at a time into my world of nostalgia and dapper duds. 

 1950s 1960s hat for men The Naked Man Vintage is a shop on Etsy that is helping chicks like me entice our men folk into dressing a bit snappier. They only sell vintage men's clothing which makes the whole shop feel masculine and elegant (and helps my husband sit and look without having to get stuck in the quagmire that is my dress and shoe fetish). 
skinny necktie for men 1950s
They sell all eras, but I particularly favor the 50's and 60's clean lines and sophisticated vibe. Think Mad Men sexiness. I will occasionally see an older man who always seems to dress more elegantly than everyone around and will be carrying a hat and mother of pearl encrusted cane. I find that I can't take my eyes off this guy and want to walk over and thank him for being classy and making my day better. Wouldn't that be the best?! Having a total stranger walk up to you to let you know that just seeing you has brightened their day?

Get inspired to class it up a bit men! Take a look through The Naked Man Vintage collection by clicking here