Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Daisies From Dawn til Dusk

Golden Daisy Necklace #antique #jewelry #flower
Personality: The Old Soul
Places you'll find yourself: Watching the first morning rays alight upon the flowers

Sister Necklaces #antique #daisy #flower #jewelry

Personality: The Old Soul
Places you'll find yourself: Watching the last of the summer sun fall upon the flowers

Victorian Daisy Necklace #antique #victorian #jewelry
In keeping with the theme of sisters that we started in yesterday's Friday Photo Swoon, I'm introducing you to two sisters who've journeyed many long years apart. These necklaces were made with two antique buttons (title: Daisies, circa 1880-1900). The buttons have the same floral pictorial, but each has a unique color tint. The golden tint of the first reminded me of the rising sun and the navy tint of the second was just as fitting for the dying light of day, hence their two names. I really love that these would have had different owners, been on different garments, and each made their way to me to share a few brief moments of sisterly love and gab of memories spanning 100 years. Recently, "Daisy at Dusk" sold to a lovely customer in Australia. "Daisy at Dawn" is in my shop, currently awaiting her future owner. How lovely to think that as the sun rises here on her, the sun will be fast asleep upon her sister on the other side of the world.

Antique Victorian Necklace #antique #jewelry #daisyAntique Daisy Necklace #victorian #antique #jewelry

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