Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Snags Combine!

Vintage/Modern Combo Outfit with pieces from early 1900s to now

Let's play "Spot the Snag"! Can you remember any of these pieces in past Sunday Snags? I'll give you a hint: There are three.

Give up? Okay. The brooch is from a relatively recent Snag, "Trinket in the Treasure Box". Next, the jacket blouse was in the Snag, "Fab 40s". Last, those pantalones can be found in a long ago Snag, "Leggy Peggy". 

Their powers have combined to form one comfy vintage chic outfit! You may recognize the setting as being the same as from my Bucket List Outfit, where my hubs and I stayed in a gorgeous B&B for our 10th wedding anniversary. This was from that same stay, but is just way late coming to your eyeballs. Makes sense, as I probably would not be wearing this many layers in mid-July. This outfit was perfect for dinner in early June though. It had been raining that entire day and was relatively cool. I typically get cold in restaurants and in the evening, so it was nice to wear trousers and have a jacket that I could take off if necessary. 

Combination outfit of vintage and modern pieces on ChatterBlossom #1900 #1940 #1980 #2000

Blouse Jacket: 1940s rayon crepe from Anatomy Vintage
Cowl Neck Blouse: altered dress from Forever 21
Trousers: 1980s does 50s on Ebay
Brooch: vintage at antique mall
Belt: modern with added vintage buckle
Shoes: Balboa from Remix Vintage Shoes

Dressing in multiple eras on ChatterBlossom #vintage #style #fashion
Reproduction 1930s heels #dance #shoes #heels #1930s

Dressing across decades ~ ChatterBlossom #1900 #1940 #1980 #2000 #vintage

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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