Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Thrill – A Cold Night's Golden Warmth

night time christmas lights in the city
Photo by RaceyTay
Today's thrill is one of twinkling nights and luxury. With the holiday season upon us, I would love to present a tribute to sparkle, shine, and splendor. No other season is so well equipped to give us a chance to go a little overboard and pull out all the stops in our wardrobe. I've been saving a dress that I purchased in early fall for such an occasion and will be breaking it out for my holiday birthday bash later in December. But for now, here is a special treat of vintage finery for your holiday parties! Come follow me toward the golden lights ahead...

glass beaded wiggle dress by Ceil Chapman from the 1950s
luxurious vintage 50s dress for the holiday or new years

vintage Yves Saint Laurent shoes in gold leather with twisted knotretro hosiery by What Katie Did with gold seam down the back of tightsFirst and foremost, the dress must be fabulous and this one could define the word. A 1950's Ceil Chapman in silk that has been completely covered in gold glass beads (still has its original belt too!) would feel like bathing in champagne. Although the beads would make it quite heavy, the dress isn't full length so that would probably help as the night wore on. I would probably not wear a hefty necklace with this dress. Buttery skin, a nice fragrance, and a pair of pearl and gold filagree earrings from the 1960's Emmons collection would be enough for me (although I do like the look of the pearls going down the back of the dress). A pair of shoes fit for a dress like this is hard to find, but don't worry, I managed. This classic pair of vintage Yves Saint Laurent slingbacks in a gold metallic leather would be beautiful but not overpowering to the already bold ensemble. To help continue the line of the leg and elongate a pair of gorgeous gams, I paired this shoe with metallic seamed pantyhose from What Katie Did in nude with a tiny sliver of gold running up the back. What Katie Did makes faux vintage lingerie and hosiery that has the charm and sexiness of the past with the comfort and durability of the present. They also have a pair polka dotted seamed hose that I love, but that will have to wait for another thursday and another thrill. 
Emmons jewelry set featuring pearl and gold filagree earringsThe night lasts through to the morning with most holiday parties and you will need to keep a compact at the ready to keep your nose powdered and your lips red after so many kisses. I could hardly keep my head from spinning when I saw this cosmetic vanity case by the Evans Case Company! Made in the 1920s, this gold sunburst compact still has all of its original parts including a mirror, comb, powder and puff, and even a hot red lipstick! There is even a black silk carrier to sling on your wrist as you mingle. Oh my god, I cannot tell you how much I love this little treasure! Kudos to the lucky lady who purchases this piece. You will have a very jealous vintage lover in North Carolina wishing she was you.

1920s purse with original compact parts and sunburst gold pattern
vintage purse with silk carry case for wrist
compact purse with all original parts including lipstick, powder, and combGoing to and fro in the wee hours of the morning in the chill of winter in only a wee dress is not advised, so let's add an extra dose of luxury to this sensuous explosion of glamour. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a vintage leopard skin coat on Etsy. Yes, you heard me right. I did indeed say leopard. Now, don't get angry animal lovers. I don't condone killing leopards for your holiday finery. The unfortunate but beautiful animal that made this coat was taken over 60 years ago and like ivory, you should never buy modern. Protecting these beautiful creatures is important. Okay, that said, this 1950's vintage coat is absolutely gorgeous! Imagine the cozy warmth when you slip this on and the gorgeous pop of gold people would see as you slip it off at arrival. Sigh, I'm in that moment now...swoon with me for a moment people...

vintage fur coat of leopard or ocelot

1950s fur coat

                                                                          Featured Items:

-Fine Art Photograph (top) by RaceyTay
-Earrings (complete jewelry set) 

city holiday lights fine art photography
Photo by Sparks of Fire

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