Saturday, June 30, 2012

Caliente Farmer's Market!

blueberry and gray sky colored button bobby pins hair accessories in blues and greys made with vintage buttonsHoly smokes, it's hot here today! 103 degrees last time I checked. Today was farmer's market day (love to support our local farmers!) and my husband and I and a new friend of mine definitely made it a point to go early this morning to beat the heat. Safe to say we were attracted to all the juicy, cool, and crisp items as we mopped our foreheads in the sun. We got blueberries and blackberries in this week's haul, so in honor of that and to indulge in the colors of coolness, here is a fresh listing at my shop.
"Blueberry Buttons"

grey and blue bobby pins made with vintage upcycled buttons


Friday, June 29, 2012

Chocolate Day!

Today is Chocolate Day!!!! I know what you're thinking. "Isn't every day chocolate day?" or "Why the hell didn't anyone tell me it was chocolate day?!" Well, let me clear this up. Yes, my friends, everyday is indeed chocolate day. And I'm telling you now, so don't get so upset! 

It is specifically chocolate day for moi. I'm a recent resident to my area and haven't made many girlfriends to indulge with me, but I found one a few weeks ago and we are going on a chocolate date! Yippee! The place we are going makes THE BEST chocolates and chocolate ice cream, so I can't wait. 

In honor of my personal chocolate day, here is a tasty morsel for all you now hating me for making you crave ice cream. "Cocoa Buttons"! Unique little vintage button bobby pins in chocolate and gold tones! Grab these, a girlfriend, and a pint of decadent goodness and you are on track for your own 
Chocolate Day!

vintage button bobby pins in cocoa colors

"Cocoa Buttons" In Shop

Pop Pop!

Just signed onto some teams today on Etsy. It's kinda fun actually! You play get-to-know-you games and find items in other shops that you would love. Plus, you get the benefit of having others look into your shop as well! It's a nice perspective to have, being in a community of sellers and buyers that are trying to look out for one another. It is also comforting to find other newbies in the forums that are just beginning their shops too. 

Oh, and here is another recent addition to my collection (technically they are all recent!) called "Isle of Capri". Poppy flowers make me feel happy and comfortable. I even have a painting of poppies in my living room that brightens up the place. When I saw this vintage gold pendant, I thought the perfect pairing would be a bright poppy fan. Makes me think of Rosemary Clooney's "Mambo Italiano" when I look at the finished fun!

red exotic poppy hair accessory with feathers, grass, and vintage gold

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Treasury Attempts

I've been trying my hand at making treasuries on Etsy. I really like the idea of treasuries because you can highlight other people's creations and give them a well deserved spotlight. When someone put one of my items on their treasury, I felt wonderful! It was like someone was acknowledging all my hard work by finding the beauty in my creation. So here is one of my recent treasuries. It is a tip of the hat to clear summer days when it isn't so hot to be uncomfortable. When the breeze is just cool enough and rustles the full foliage of summer's bounty. 

ocean and seaside items and apparel with beach theme
Here is the link to this treasury if you want to view one of the items listed:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gee Anemone

These are a new fave for me. I really like anemones. They are beautiful and unusual looking flowers that I don't get the fortune of seeing that often in person. For this fascinator I used two different colors of anemone flowers. The top is a deep purple with light tints of fuchsia and the bottom flower is fully fuchsia. I tend to favor jewel tones, especially when they are so saturated that they are bold without being bright. There are three different gold toned upcycled vintage buttons to choose from and all three give a slightly different feel to the flower. 

I don't know if anyone is really interested, but I take the photos of the fascinators in my own hair. If you ever would like me to post on how I create my hairstyles for these pieces or if you would like ideas on how to use the fascinators, please let me know and I will try to incorporate some posts in that venue.

anemone fascinator with vintage button center
"Picked Me a Plum" In Shop

All three versions of "Picked Me a Plum"

Buttons and Bows

Welp, here's a first! Decided to try my hand at a hair bow. So far I've only tried flower fascinators and button bobby pins. I repurposed some fabric for the main composition and left one edge frayed. Gives a more Cottage or Shabby Chic look that I like with these colors. For the center I cut small strips of fabric and braided, coiled, and sewed them together to create a type of rosette. Top that with a vintage bronze button and voila! Super cute new addition to the accessory line!

upcycled fabric hair accessory bow with vintage button center
"Ain't She Sweet!" In Shop

Getting Started

Busy, busy, busy here at ChatterBlossom. I just opened my shop barely a month ago! And in that time I've managed to post 37 items for sale, which is a feat when you have to create, photograph, and do the actual listing process on Etsy. I was pretty excited when I saw my shop online this morning and realized how far it had come in such a short time. 

Now, the really tough part of this process happens. Trying to get my shop out to the world. It really is kind of daunting to think about how to make that happen. I've created a Facebook Page and a Pinterest Page, but I'm not particularly adept at the tech world which I would imagine is quite a disadvantage in this highly electronic world. However! This is a new day and new ideas are to be had! 

I would love to get your feedback and hear your voice, so please leave comments if you want to share in this uncharted adventure with me.

hair pins with textured golden buttons used for hair accessorizing
"Golden Buttons" In Shop 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hello and welcome to my brand spanking-new blog for ChatterBlossom! I'm Jamie, the owner/designer/creator/curator/photographer of the newly opened shop on called ChatterBlossom. ChatterBlossom!! Man that's fun to say! My shop is the home of accessories with a story to tell and I hope you all will come by to listen and share.

Vintage Buttons & Baubles for Future Accessories!