Friday, September 28, 2012

Feature Friday – Bow + Arrow Apparel

I. Want. These. Jeans.

dark wash custom made skinny jean with high waist american made

That is what my brain punched me in the eyeballs with when I stumbled onto Bow + Arrow Apparel's collection. And it wasn't just one pair. As I clicked on pic after pic, I realized, "I. Want. All. These. Jeans." I would feel like Hottie McHotterton in a pair of these.
dark wash skinny jeans with suspenders custom made american cotton

I really prefer the high rise on the waist so that I'm not constantly checking to see whether I'm spilling over onto the sidewalk below. Usually, only the "mom jean" will have a higher waist and occasionally I will find a pair of vintage jeans too, but rarely in my size. These are CLEARLY not "mom jeans" and they are custom made for you! Win-win my pantless friends!

custom made dark wash denim shortsAnna Toth, Bow + Arrow Apparel's owner, along with her shop, are located here in North Carolina. Plus, the cotton denim is grown, processed, and finished in the USA, so you can support the local community too!

custom made jeans from american made cotton in greyI had a hard time picking which pictures to use because I love every item in their shop, so be sure to browse around through all their heavenly denim creations.

To view her killer collection, click here.
dark wash flair jean with a high waist and custom made