Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Thrill - Early Winter Outing

photo of the woods in late fall in the upper peninsula
Photo by Lina Blair Photography
I don't know about you, but the late fall and early winter days call me outside. The air is crisper, dying, but still wide awake. The sun is in a perpetual glow casting position and all the plants that remain are soaking up what they can of its shortening rays. Blankets of leaves crunch beneath my feet and I feel my own presence in the space with each step I rustle and disturb. It isn't so cold to be uncomfortable and honestly, here in North Carolina, the temperature hovers in the 50's for most of December. That creates the perfect chance to have a leisurely walk and observe the forests and typically green spaces around me. 

1940s crochet knit dress with metallic thread and decorative metal buttons in beigeBecause you don't need to be too bundled up to leave the house in this mild climate, I would slip on a knit that is comfy, cozy, and breathable. This lovely 1940's knit dress in beige would do just the trick. Longer sleeve, warm, but not hot, loose skirt and open neckline so that you don't get too claustrophobic (I always feel like I'm being strangled with closed necklines, especially when I get warm). This vintage knitwear has beautiful little details including pointelle stripes, gold metallic thread woven throughout, and swirly decorative buttons. This little beauty is right here in Raleigh, NC with me too! Super tempting ya'll! I'm actually featuring two local vintage dealers today and the second is coming up shortly. This lovely piece comes from Raleigh Vintage. I've actually met the owners (at a local dance event) and they are lovely people and were so helpful with my innumerable questions. 

cream and gold knit dress vintage with decorative metal buttonsIf we took a hike (however leisurely) we would want a pair of boots that could transition well and still look pretty with a dress. These black and brown vintage Italian leather riding boots (whew! that is a mouthful) are exactly what I would love to have in my own closet for just such an occasion. They are durable, versatile (double color), and quite pretty. I always find it hard to locate boots because they either seem too clunky, too feminine, or too "country". Not that those are bad, but I just prefer a pair that easily goes with my whole wardrobe. These look so soft too! With just the right amount of heel to look casual, chic, and stable (those romantic woodland paths don't walk themselves, people!).
Italian leather riding boots for women in chocolate brown and blackNow let's just say that you aren't quite as fortunate as I and it is a bit nippier in your part of the world at the beginning of December. Well, in that case, you will need a warm coat and hat!  Don't change that dress though. No reason you should overheat by putting on too many layers. Maybe just pull on a pair of lace patterned leggings to keep the pegs warm and let the outwear do its business. 
I came upon the most delightful coat and hat while browsing the vast vintage findings on Etsy. 

1960's Breton style women's hat with brown beaver fur and upturned brimThis hat is a vintage Christian Dior and is currently being sold by my second North Carolina vintage dealer showcased today, Poppycock Vintage. NC for the win! This particular seller deals ONLY in vintage hats, people!! If you were wanting a great little chapeau and didn't know where to go, here is the mother load, my lovelies. You. are. welcome. 
vintage fur hat for women from Christian DiorThe specific hat that I choose to top the beautiful woman of my imagination on today's thrill is a 1960's Breton style creation with an upturned brim and beaver fur in a dark nutmeg brown. The model for this shop has the best job ever! She is perfect for it though with her pretty face shape and rusty curls, so I guess I'll let her keep it. 

Now for the toasty portion of this thrill, let me introduce one of the prettier coats I've seen. This is a Polish made piece from the 1960's or 1970's and is made with genuine shearling sheepskin in a rich chocolate brown. I love neutrals so much because they allow details like the ones on this coat to stand out easily. Embroidered detailing is one of the my loves. I like running my fingertips over the stitches and feeling like I stepped out of a Hansel and Gretel storybook. 

I hope you all enjoyed taking an early winter outing with me!

brown sheepskin genuine shearling coat from 1960s with embroidered flowers

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genuine sheepskin vintage coat for women brown

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