Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Thrill – 1940s Photoshoot

A 1940s Photo Shoot Session #1940s #vintage #photography

So you know how sometimes opportunities fall in your lap? Me neither. That rarely happens to me because I'm not highly connected or super social. I'm introverted. Very. That doesn't mean that I don't like people, or that I can't turn it off and on, or that I don't want to talk to you, or that I'm shy. I'm just perfectly happy to be cooped up in the house by myself and prefer one on one interactions rather than groups of people at parties. Okay, this is a bit of a tangent to what I'm trying to say...which is that because I'm not naturally a "connected" person to the social realms outside my home, I rarely have opportunities present themselves to me. Rather, I have to go searching for them or miss them entirely because I'm unaware they are even out there. That said, I had one fall in my lap recently! 

At an art college in the area, there was a photography student who was chatting with people that she wanted to flesh out her portfolio a bit and had thought about doing a vintage (40s-50s) photo shoot might be fun. Well, lo and behold, my neighbor girlfriend hears this conversation and pipes up that her neighbor (me!) dresses in vintage. And whomp! Opportunity falls in lap! The photography student, Tomiko Jones of ICU Photography by Tomiko Jones, asked me if I would style and model for a simple, 1940s ish photo shoot. I said I would be thrilled to do so! I got to do my neighbor's hair and makeup too and put her in one of my vintage dresses. She has never done anything like that before, which made the experience even more fun! She looked freakin' gorgeous too (see below)! Very Veronica Lake, don't you think? 

I had such a good time! Tomiko and the two men helping her made the shoot easy and they did a fabulous job. I got to download a few unedited photos to keep and that is what you see here. I edited these three (and made varying versions with different filters, etc.) which I had a terrific time doing. The photos are just gorgeous and I am thrilled that I got to help fill out her portolio! She is crazy talented!

The photo shoot itself was really funny! I had never done anything like this (I shoot all my own photos on the blog with the help of my hubs and have only ever gotten professional photographs done once as a special anniversary treat). It was really neat to see the "behind the scenes" action! Plus, it was pretty hilarious to see their reactions to our outfits, especially my bullet bra. It was the oddity and real star of the day! Hahahaha! 

Vintage 1940s style portrait #1940s #vintage #photography

1940s style photo shoot #1940s #vintage #photography
{all photos courtesy of ICU Photography by Tomiko Jones}

Fun Side Note:
I found this photo the other day of Loretta Young in the 40s and was so excited! She has a similar knit sweater, hairstyle, and red lips as I do in this photo! Plus, she has my pants (see here)!! 

Vintage & Modern Look-a-Like #vintage #fashion
Loretta Young in the 1940s #vintage #fashion #1940s

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