Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Boudoir Bellini

peach pink vintage slip

You guessed it! Another peachy pink purchase! Ha! Geez, I promise I do have other colors in my closet. Weirdly enough, I really didn't have any peach colored items at all until the ones I've been clogging my blog with lately. But can you really blame me? They are just so soft and feminine. Plus, two of them have been underclothes, which makes sense for a soft neutral peach color. 

I figured I would show you this snag today after luring you pretty provocatively with my Friday and Saturday posts of skin-showing vintage ladies and feathered fans. They were the perfect introduction to what I'm referring to as my little Boudoir Bellini.

This slip is delicious if I say so myself. I had wanted a vintage slip for months now. I dance in a lot of vintage dresses and just didn't have anything "era appropriate" to wear underneath. Also, many vintage clothing pieces don't move against the skin well and weren't meant to wear sans slip. So I was quite excited to find this 1940s rayon/silk blend, lace edged slip on Ebay at a price I could afford. 

I must say, I feel like a pretty tasty little treat in this slip! It drips down the curve of the body and is the color of flushed skin. Knowing you have this on under a conservative vintage dress makes you feel quite confident and daring!

vintage slip with lace bustline in rayon silk

vintage slip in blush pink rayon and silk

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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