Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Easter Surprise

How many of you received Easter baskets when you were young? Or maybe you still do! I stopped getting these little treasure troves all wrapped in pastel when I was quite young. Actually, I think it would be really nice to have a little gift basket to share with someone and ring in the bells of spring. Here are a few things that I would love to find in what would apparently have to be a rather large Easter basket! :-)

There is no real rhyme or reason to this list. They are just a few little goodies that I wouldn't mind the Easter Bunny leaving at my doorstep. What do you all do for Easter or Spring?

pleated vintage dress with matching tie for waist in tank style
1950's Floral Dress from Fab Vintage
I really love the colors and mixed florals on this dress. Seems comfy to wear and could easily be for entertaining guests or just sharing a slice of pie with the hubs.

beaded colored felted egg decor for Easter holiday
Hand Felted Eggs by Katinytis
These beautifully felted eggs would be an all year round decor for me. So delicate and I personally love fiber art. Touchability (is that a word?) makes these that much more enticing.

aqua blue vintage tap shorts with lace detail from the 30s
1930's Tap Shorts from Stelma Designs
Spring knickers!! Need I say more?!

silver bow brooch with light colored polka dots
Antique Pastel Brooch from Beca Runs
A lovely pin to accent my slowly growing closet of vintage clothing. This particular one would be nice because the multi color pattern would make matching a breeze.

yellow peep chicks for easter decor
Paper Machè Chicks by Crave Cute
The closest thing to Peeps that I'll ever want. I'm not a fan of the iconic marshmallow treats but these little guys are too cute!

orange yellow tulip basket for door hanger
Spring Tulip Wreath by A Work of Heart SA
A bright and welcoming door wreath would be so nice to come home to! Tulips would be especially nice and I like the non-traditional basket style.

moss green felt hat with snakeskin bow accent
1950's Bow Hat from Ginger Root Vintage
A vintage hat. You know, I don't have one single hat. Not one. That needs to change, my friends. 

white easter bunny frosted cookies
Sugar Cookies by Sugar Lane Bake Shop
Frosted cookies!!! This may be my favorite Easter tradition. Iced sugar cookies always make it feel like a holiday to me. 

white and pink easter bunny headband for dogs
Easter Bunny Ears by I Lick You
This little guy needs to be in my house right now. I want a puppy folks! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and Spring!!

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