Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thursday Thrill – Retro Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Unsurprisingly, I decided to give the holiday a retro fitting! After all, the holidays are where traditions and old timey charm come together so easily and festive celebrations are the perfect place to don a classic piece of vintage. 

I've decided to break this post into two sections. Part one is an outfit for day, for work, and for getting your hands all floured up. The second part will be for the formal gathering when you get to sample all of your hard work and share it with the ones you love.

Part One: Cooking up a Storm!

double breasted vintage dress in light orange snowflake pattern by DearGolden

brown patent leather mary janes from the 1940'sgreen and red vintage apron with novelty poodle patternEveryone knows that holiday cooking starts bright and early. There is usually family in town milling about/getting in the way. I'm always in a bind with this scenario. There is part of me that wants to look cute and feel festive and there is the other part that knows I'm gonna get sweaty and dirty. I don't want to look like a slob (for others or for myself). My attitude is much brighter when I dress the part. If I'm in sweats and slippers, I'm probably going to end up on the couch. However, if I put this little day dress on, I would immediately have an uptick in my mood and feel like I wanted to conquer the day's myriad tasks. This adorable 1950's day dress is double breasted with a snowflake pattern. No wiggle dresses for this day's chores! A little cotton number with a loose skirt and sleeves would be perfect and wouldn't be restrictive.
Plus! It is the perfect little dress for a vintage apron! Look at the little poodle print in green! So cute and would make getting your hands dirty a bit more adorable.
brown, tan, and earth toned hair accessories with vintage buttonsAs for accessories during the day, I would keep it simple and practical. No rings or bracelets to get crusted with gunk. A low or no heel shoe with an ankle strap would be ideal. That way when you are running to the oven to check a pie you don't fall out of your shoes and into said pie. These 1940's patent leather mary janes would be good for me. I know a lot of people can't do a heel all day, but this one wouldn't be too bad for me. If you do have trouble, a good pair of low vintage wedges would be a great compromise. To keep those wisps of hair from getting into your casseroles, I paired this outfit with one of my latest vintage bobby pin sets, "Sandstone". Practical meets adorable. 

Part Two: The Culmination of a Hard Day's Work

burgundy, moss, and orange fall colored 1950's to 1960's dressIt is finally time! All the craziness and spills of the day are over. Time to pour a glass of wine (or three) and celebrate with family and friends. I love the idea of dressing up for dinner. People rarely do this anymore. I enjoy casual, comfy duds as much as the next girl, but there is something so special about taking the time to "dress" for an occasion. It marks a transition for me. It tells me that my role of "making, doing, and running around" is over and my new role of "chatting, laughing, and having twinkling eyes" is now beginning. I feel refreshed and more care free after getting a clean outfit on with a little bit of festive detailing. 
tan leather vintage heels from the 1950'sThe dress that I discovered at MissFarfalla is absolutely perfect!! Cut from an abstract autumn leaf fabric, the late 50's/early 60's dress is an ideal piece for a fall celebration. It's formal, but not "New Year's" formal. It still feels homey and huggable while remaining classic and elegant. A vintage design by McKettrick, the cowl neck and bow detailing on the waist are just beautiful. 
pumpkin and gold colored adjustable button ring
This is where I would bust out my heels ladies! You will probably be in less pain anyway because of all the wine! This pair of 1950's tan leather pumps brings a sprinkle of sexy to this otherwise graceful ensemble. Because of the neckline being high, I would not do a necklace or long dangling earrings. I would again keep it rather simple and go with a ring and stud earring combo. My pumpkin spice colored vintage button ring would be an easy fit for the feel of the dress and would be interesting enough to stand alone. Adding some fall flowers to a simple updo would also be a fun spruce of detail and would keep eyes up at your laughing smile. I chose my hair flowers in mustard, nutmeg, and moss green to play up the dress colors and each little button in the center is a vintage piece too!

bobby pin hair flowers in mustard yellow, nutmeg brown, and moss green with gold button centers Featured Items:
-Day Dress by Dear Golden
-Brown Day Shoes by Oiseau Vintage
-Poodle Apron by SFKvintage
-Vintage Button Bobby Pins by ChatterBlossom
-Formal Dress by MissFarfalla
-Tan Leather Pumps by SewSewSimplyVintage
-Vintage Button Ring by ChatterBlossom
-Hair Flowers by ChatterBlossom

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Enjoy your holiday everyone!!!!

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