Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Afternoon Adventure

Pittsboro, North Carolina 1939 #vintage #photograph #1930s

The weather has been just peachy the last few weeks! I desperately want to spend all my time out of doors and what better way to do so than on a mini afternoon adventure with a friend! A most lovely friend, Holly, told me about a sale being put on by a vintage/antique store in the nearby town of Pittsboro. You may remember that this is also the town where my husband and I stayed at the most fabulous B&B for our 10th anniversary (see here). The hubs and I never went into the little city center however, so I was excited to see it. 

The sale, which was the initial draw to take the adventure, was being held "fire sale" style in a parking lot near the city center and down the street from the actual shop, Beggars and Choosers. We got there in the morning on a Sunday and there were some furniture pieces spread out and two or three large racks of clothing. A lovely young lady named Mary was overseeing the sale and she told us that all the clothes were $1. "Wait, one dollar?!", I said to no one in particular as I ran for the rack with drool trailing behind me. I don't think I even noticed where or if my friend had joined me, but luckily, she is a hunter like me and probably responded the same way. 

Pittsboro, NC vintage adventure! #vintage #fashion #style #shopping

Store Front Photo from 1939 #NC #vintage #photograph

Old Time Soda Shop #vintage #soda #adventure

I started pawing through the racks; 1950s high waist linen shorts? Let me get out my measuring tape to check the measurements. This is a great tip ladies! You can't always try on garments, so knowing your measurements and bringing a soft measuring tape can really save you! Shorts may be tight, according to measurements, but for $1 I'll take the risk. 1940s cotton dress with beautiful lucite buttons? Mine. 50s house dress with stains that may come out? Yup. 60s red and white gingham skirt suit that is too big? Absolutely. I can at least alter the skirt and have a cute summer piece to pair with other tops. 50s silk shantung mandarin blouse? Throw that beauty over my shoulder. 1940s blue knit skirt with a few moth holes? I don't mind. I'll mend that baby! 

All said and done, I got 8 pieces of vintage clothing for $8. F*@# yeah!! I only had one piece that didn't work for me when I got home (50s knit blouse), but that is no biggie and I was pretty stoked with that haul. Plus, remember how I said the young lady overseeing the sale was lovely? Well, she very keenly noticed my dilated pupils and rack ravaging and very sweetly offered to open up the shop (which was closed that Sunday) just for us! How cool is that?! She could only give us 15 mins, but that was more than generous of her and now I would get the chance to run around a vintage shop I'd never been to before! Yippee!

Tiny Town Vintage Adventure! #photography #vintage #shopping

She said she would meet us in an hour or so at the shop, so Holly and I had to kill some time. We decided to walk around Pittsboro's super cute downtown and window shop, as all the shops were closed that Sunday. There were such cute places that we would have to come back to when the town was open. We saw a soda shop, some antique shops, and a fun woodworking place with a random chicken on chair. One shop even had an old photo of its building front from 1939 (top photo) where some pretty fantastically dressed ladies were milling about and chatting in their snazzy outfits.

Just a Chicken Chillin' on a Chair #vintage #chicken

Old town center #barber #vintage #adventure

Pittsboro, NC town center #NC #north #carolina

Vintage Shopping Adventure! #vintage #shopping #style

After walking for like 2 1/2 mins, we could clearly justify going to the local bakery that was wafting deliciously aromatic goodies our way. Right on the main drag, The Phoenix Bakery was staring at us from across the street, calling our names and enticing us to come munch on some pastries while we waited to shop. 

We opened the bakery shop door and were greeted by a darling gal who turned out to be one of the main cake designers. Her name is Virginia, she is lovely, and she makes awesomeness. Plus, big bonus points, she said they don't use any artificial gunk in their treats AND their supplies come from local farms, including eggs, milk, and organic flour. Score! Love this place already!

Local Bakery #pastries #doughnuts #bakery

Delicious Local Bakery #pastries #bakery

I picked out a Boston Creme doughnut (my stomach is growling as I type this) and Holly picked out something that I don't care about because I'm eating my Boston Creme doughnut. It was uber delicious, creamy, sweet, and with just the right amount of chocolate frosting (that amount being a lot). We got to sit outside on a beautiful Sunday morning, eat yummy pastries, and wait to go on a short shopping adventure! Can't beat that!

Bakery Love! #pastries #doughnuts #bakery

Deliciously Amazing Bakery! #pastries #doughnuts #bakery

Boston Creme Doughnuts #bakery #doughnuts

Bakery Love!! #NC #doughnut #bakery

Yummy Sunday Afternoon #doughnut #shopping #sunday

We met up with Mary later at the antique shop and she opened the door to a three story vintage treasure trove! 15 mins?! That's all we get?! I could just stand in the doorway and ogle for 15 mins! Nope this wouldn't work, we needed to schedule another time to come when we had hours. We didn't waste the 15 mins though. I ran to the 3rd floor (clothing), and picked up a pretty leaf fascinator (which you'll see on this Sunday's Snag!). I also picked up a 1950s/60s black leather purse (kinda like a medical doctor bag shape) for $5 that works perfectly as my new camera bag.

We chatted excitedly with Mary and we made plans to visit the shop on a coming Sunday where the town of Pittsboro holds a First Sunday event from 12pm-4pm. Next week, I'll be sharing my adventure in that shop and wonderful interview with the shop owner, Pam! Make sure to check back in, this lady is awesome!

Vintage Shopping Adventure! #NC #vintage

Antique Shopping Adventure #vintage #shopping #antiques

Vintage Shopping Day! #vintage #shopping #style

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