Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thrill – The Garden Holds Her Breath

vintage terra cotta nature photography for garden lovers
Greenhouse Photography by HelloTwiggs

Up to now, the Garden around us has been hushed, her breath quiet and slow. Blankets of white pulled up to her nose she waits, still asleep, for that first itch of movement when once again Spring calls her name.

painted floral metal garden tool basket
Vintage Metal Toolbox from PageScrappers

When she does finally take her first groggy stretch, we will be ready with our boots, seeds, aprons, and tools to get her ready for her big day. 

women's rust red leather garden boots
Red Leather Boots from Pamplemousse Moose
cotton gardening apron with herbs and green white polka dot lining
Embroidered Garden Apron by Oktak
vintage spoon vegetable garden markers with hand painted pictures
Vintage Spoon Garden Markers by Daisy Chestnut

Because in the blink of an eye or the quick turn of the head, Spring will be here and ready to take our sweet awakened Garden to her big debut.

vintage wooden goose statue for garden display in bright green
Vintage Wooden Garden Goose from Curiopolis

Then all we'll have to do is watch her grow and thrive into the destined beauty we knew her to be and gather up the roses laid at her feet.

Woven Wicker basket for flowers
 Woven Wicker Flower Basket from This Vintage Thing
vegetable applique heavy cotton sandwich bags for reuse
Reusable Vegetable Applique Sandwich Bags by The High Fiber 

So start unwrapping your warm weather clothes now, for you don't want to be caught unexpectedly when the dear Spring reaches out his friendly hand to you too.

Garden floppy hat with straw flower detail
Vintage Straw Hat from Glamour Girl Chic
blush linen vintage garden party dress with floral detail on grass green waistline
1950's Floral Pink Dress from 86 Vintage
size 7.5 women's heeled leather boots, vintage garden with faux fur shearling lining
Caramel Knee High Boots from Shop Good Grace

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treasury Tuesday – Treasure Hunt

Okay guys, this was just too cute not to share! The group at The Photo Impression made a fun and whimsical treasury called "Where IS that goose that lays golden eggs?". I was so tickled to see that my vintage button ring was the inspiration for this entire treasury!! 

They even wrote a little story to go along:
"Is he flying with birds & butterflies, marking time with a snail, hiding in a ring box, vase, or under a tree? Maybe he's swimming with the dolphins, cuddling with bunnies or hiding in a city building. Wherever he is...he's sly like a fox!"

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

handmade nature and animal gifts

Last Week's Treasury Tuesday:

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – "Voodoo Vixen"

Personalities: The Dark and Dangerous Beauty
Places you'll find yourself: Making mischief and loving it...

pitch black dome vintage button middle finger ring, nickel free, rocker chic

I would love to share with all of you some of my latest creations to make it into shop. This is going to be the newest weekly post on Saturdays called "Saturday Shop Talk". There won't be much talkin', but just a general introduction. I really enjoy naming my pieces and sharing the little characters that they evoke and I hope you do too! Thanks for letting me have a show & tell day!! 

******Update: I'm a dork and realized that I meant this to be for Saturday and accidentally posted it today which was supposed to be for my Sunday Snag post.  I got my days mixed up (I blame dancing at all hours). Anyhoo, Saturday will be weekly posts of Shop Talk and Sundays will be weekly posts of Snags. Sheesh! I need some strong black tea now....*************

Visit "Voodoo Vixen" and all my creations in shop by clicking here.

For those of you that enjoy Saturday Shop Talk, I've created a new blog just for that! This new blog is called ChatterBlossom Shop Talk and will be solely for introducing you to the new creations from my shop! Come on by for a visit if you like! :-)

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Oscar Night: Which Decade Wins?

Academy Award Postcard Invites "And the Oscar goes to..."
Oscar Party Invitation Postcards by Girl in Gear Studio

Fashion changes quickly and everyone has their favorites. The Academy Awards technically started in 1929, so we will start our fashion reel there and head through to the 1980's. There is, undoubtedly, a wide range of styles within each year, but I've selected one dress that reminds me of each decade. Which decade do you find yourself most drawn to?

Slipper Satin Evening Gown from 1930s from Rococo Vintage
Ombre Slipper Satin Evening Gown from Rococo Vintage

Bias cut evening gown in black satin with rhinestone deco brooch
Draped Black Satin Gown from Wildfell Hall Vintage

vintage ivory evening dress from 1919 Vintage
Cream and Gold Studded 40's Gown from 1919 Vintage

Vintage lace full skirt gown in black & white with scalloped edging
Black and White Lace Printed Gown from Off Broadway Vintage

tri color vintage goddess gown in red, white, and black flowing chiffon
Tri Color Silk Chiffon Gown from Female Hysteria

printed 70s maxi dress with plunging neckline and winged sleeves
Printed 70's Maxi Gown from Luv Stoned Vintage

vintage 80s green sequined gown
Emerald and Gold Sequined Dress from Millie the Minx

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – Living Art

white clad performer in Paris pretending to be a statue
Parisian Mime "Statue"

Parisian mime giving a flower to a tourist
Awakening to Offer a Rose to a Passerby

Last Week's Wordless Wednesday:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treasury Tuesday – A Subtle Romance Lingers

Last week was Valentine's and I had the sweetest time with my hubs (see that post). Now that the day set aside for love has past, don't think that all romance has left with it. Oh no, a subtle yet solid romance will continue on until that day comes again. 

This collection of softly feminine items was curated by Noga from Piri Piri. All of these could serve as a daily reminder of love and romance. I especially love the lingerie (they were featured recently here) and the lavender sachets (also featured recently here). My wee vintage button bobby pins ("Brown Sugar") were included and look just darling against the blush and rose of all these lovelies. 

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

mixed curation of handmade gifts for her

Last Week's Treasury:

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Spring Sweetheart

Spring is just around the corner and here is a dress I snagged this winter in anticipation!

I purchased this sheer abstract floral piece from Zwzzy and it is just darling. It's a 1950's like style (possibly 80's? Not sure.) with a high neckline, capped sleeves, and shell buttons. This is ideal for dancing! I can unbutton the top to wherever I feel comfortable and I can unbutton the bottom to create a front slit for my legs to move easily. Plus, it is sheer so I can wear a light slip underneath and not get so hot! After trying it on, I did decide to shorten the skirt as it was about 5" below my knee, but after the hem it is pretty perfect and ready for spring!

sheer, abstract floral 1950's style dress with shell buttons in blue and purple

Last Week's Sunday Snag:

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Special – Look What the Hubs Did!

Valentine's Day was a real treat this year! The hubs and I don't usually do a lot, but this time he did the absolute sweetest thing. He made a brunch menu with all kinds of tasty goodies and let me choose which ones I wanted him to make. And they weren't choices like cereal, folks! It was fancy!

Here is what I choose: 
Starter: Scottish Oat Scones (with cream and jam)
Starter: Goat Cheese Salad (I wanted two starters, don't judge)
Savory: Apple Bacon Cheddar Frittata
Sweet: Challah French Toast
Beverage: Breakfast Tea and Peach Bellini

I haven't been feeling very well the last few days (cold or something), so this was so nice. We just took the whole day off and watched movies together and ate a progressive brunch. He even took out the pretty china! Man, I love this guy!

Valentine's Day menu
Scottish Oat Scones and Black Breakfast Tea and Coffee
Spinach, Beet, Pecan, and Goat Cheese Salad
Brunch Frittata and Preseco Bellinis
Thick Cut Challah French Toast with syrup and Breakfast Tea with cream

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Love Enough to Go Around

Valentine Greeting Card with elegant lady
1910 Valentine Postcard from Postal Greetings

Which Valentine experience is in store for you? One where you slip on some romantic lingerie...

handmade luxury lingerie
Lingerie by Ohhh Lulu

step into a cute dress, grab your purse...

1940s handbag from Quince Vintage
1940's Purse from Quince Vintage

and head out for pretty drinks with friends?

Dell Cove Spices colored cocktail sugar
Cocktail Sugar by Dell Cove Spices

Or is this Valentine's going to be a night in...

vintage red and white ruffle apron
1950's Cocktail Apron by Capricorne

where you break out sugar in all forms *wink*...

heart shaped sugar spoon in bright red
Ceramic Heart Spoon by Back Bay Pottery

and make something to melt the heart of your love.

Chocolate bonbons from Life Kitchen
Vegan Bonbons by Life Kitchen

Hmmmm, what to do, what to do...

1960's swiss dot and ribbon dress from Hopscotch & Soda
1960's Swiss Dot Dress from Hopscotch & Soda

I vote: Call your friends, have a girls' only Valentine lunch...

old telephone from Guidoux Vintage in red
Vintage Telephone from Guidoux Vintage

and then lover boy can come over that night for dessert...

stamped love letter photograph
Love Letters Fine Art Photograph by Photos By Rosie

Happy Valentine's Day!

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