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Thursday Thrill – Vintage Fashion Show

My 1930s Menswear Look #1930s #menswear #mens #fashion #vintage
Image curtesy of Photography by Jillian Clark
Here's something I never thought I would say. I modeled in a vintage fashion show! There are many reasons I wouldn't have ever guessed this would take place in my life. First, I have some pretty rowdy butterflies (to say the least) about being up in front of people. Second, I'm not a model. Yes, technically, I "model" things in my closet on my own blog for you all, but I'm on the shorter side, a normal weight, and don't necessarily have the classic model features. So I was thrilled (and maybe more than a little terrified too) that I was asked to do this!

Andi and Isaac, the lovely owners of Raleigh Vintage (one of my favorite vintage haunts, sponsors, and friends), were taking part in a vintage fashion show held by Redress Raleigh, a community group who promotes responsibly produced apparel (how cool is that!). Raleigh Vintage wanted to do a 1930s show for their part (there were three other vintage shops taking part in the show).

Here is how I got to be involved. There is some pretty kick-ass menswear during that period, but men were generally short statured and thin back in the day. Because of this, all the tall models couldn't wear the menswear (think major high water pants, etc.). I was gabbing with Andi and Isaac during EBC (a dance event where we vended, see here) and we got on the topic of the fashion show. I think maybe I asked if they were going to have menswear too as I thumbed through their beautiful collection of ties and suspenders. Andi said that she wanted to and...why don't I model it for them! "Wha???", my brain said. Of course I would!!! I may throw up on the runway, but damned if I don't take such a fun and unexpected opportunity!

Vintage Fashion Show #vintage #fashion Pre-fashion Show Make-up #vintage #makeup #beauty #fashion

Fashion Show Emergency Sewing Kit #vintage #fashion

Ready for the Vintage Fashion Show! #vintage #fashion #1930sMakeup for Fashion Show #vintage #makeup #fashion

I really didn't know what to expect as I had neither modeled or even actually attended a fashion show before. They gave us instructions to meet at Aura Salon & Boutique, which was where we would all get our makeup and hair done. Andi and Isaac would bring all the clothes to do a last minute fitting for all the girls so as to get any loose buttons, hems, sleeves, accessories, etc. accounted for and fixed. From there, we would all head toward the fashion show site and get dressed and prepare for the show.

Luckily for me, Andi and Isaac had a friend who is a modeling coach and she was invited to come chat with us before the show (three of us had never modeled, so I think we were crossing fingers and praying under our breath for each other the whole time). The bit of coaching was much needed for me and helped tremendously. We couldn't do a dry run on the catwalk so we were going in blind. Immediately before the show, photographers were taking headshots and photos of all the models that were ready.

1930s Fashion Show Today #30s #style #vintage #fashion #1930s
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
1930s Fashion #vintage #fashion #1930s #style
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
1930s Glam Today #1930s #fashion #vintage #dress
Image curtesy of Photography by Jillian Clark
Then in the blink of an eye it was time to head to the runway! AHH! We were the last in show, so I had time behind the scenes to hear the show going on outside the curtains we stood behind. I think I lucked out in many ways with this show. First, wearing menswear really REALLY eased my nerves. I felt like a different person. My makeup was also dark and stage heavy which is very different than I normally wear, but this helped me feel like a character instead of myself too. There was fun loud music playing which continued to help me shake some of the nerves. Plus, the music that played me down the runway was a great remix of old timey swing/jazz which just makes you feel playful.

The show went great! No big mistakes, no mishaps, and everyone looked absolutely wonderful!! The clothing was beyond beautiful and I'm sharing a few photos that I could find of some of the other models. I couldn't share them all but every one of the girls involved looked gorgeous and did a tremendous job. We very luckily had some super talented people helping us. A big thank you to Andi and Isaac of Raleigh Vintage, the stylists at Aura Salon & Boutique, Redress Raleigh, and two fabulous photographers, Rodney Boles Photography and Photography by Jillian Clark, from whom most of these images were taken. Here's hoping many more unexpectedly fantastic opportunities like this come my way in the future because I had sooooo much fun!

Glorious Vintage Fashion #1930s #dress #30s #vintage #fashion
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
My 1930s Menswear! #vintage #mens #fashion #women #1930s
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
1930s Themed Fashion Show #1930s #fashion
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
Vintage Fashion Show #1930s #style #fashion
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
Vintage Fashion Show #30s #style #fashion #vintage
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
1930s Style Fashion Show #30s #fashion #vintage #style
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
1930s Fashion Show Styling #1930s #vintage #fashion #30s
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography
Vintage Fashion Show Style #vintage #fashion #model #1930s
Image curtesy of Rodney Boles Photography

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