Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Thrill – Masquerade Ball

custom made ball gown with silk dupioni and black lace

black rocker goth womens ring jewelry with bronze and black textured button with scrollingwomen's tatted lace masquerade mask in black sequins and swarovski crystalsIn honor of yesterday's Halloween celebrations, I'm doing a Thursday Thrill fit for a masquerade ball! And not one of those, "Oh I just wore jeans and a mask" type parties. I mean a legit masquerade ball (think David Bowie and Labyrinth) (I love that movie by the way). And I found just the costume for my make-believe ball! An over-the-top gown of glorious frills and black lace. This custom gothic Marie Antoinette gown from Romantic Threads can be made in any color of Dupioni Silk that you choose, but I particularly love the peacock teal. Even the inside would feel luscious on the skin because she lines the dress in black satin. With a gown like this, you wouldn't need much else regarding accessories. I would keep it simple, relatively speaking. I chose this hand tatted black lace mask. Pamela, from Totus Mel, sews the lace to a wire frame that can be gently bent and adjusted to your face shape. She hand sews sequins, swarovski crystals, and silver thread throughout the mask as well. Forget all the extravagant jewelry and go with one statement ring and bold painted nails. I picked my black rocker goth ring, "Dream Dust", made from a vintage button.

Featured Items:
Gown by Romantic Threads
Mask by Totus Mel
Ring by ChatterBlossom

Hope you all enjoyed your spookiest holiday! I would love to hear what costumes you wore! I went as a 50's diner waitress. :-)