Friday, August 3, 2012

Feature Friday – VanessaHandmade

And the Feature Friday shop goes to...
tube yarn necklace spelling the word love in cream
Personally, I love the unusual. The slightly off, but oh so right. The little creations that make your head stop before your body ever gets the message and you almost pull a muscle from gawking at a total stranger that just walked by. This is what would happen to me if someone walked by wearing VanessaHandmade jewelry. 

chevron jewelry with brown, pink and blue neutral colorsVanya, the woman behind VanessaHandmade, creates pieces that have a natural flow and inviting quirks. She describes her creations as unconventional fiber jewelry with a tubing concept – sophisticated and unique wearable sculptures. I wholeheartedly agree.

yarn wrapped tube earrings from Vanessa Handmade

Her jewelry is made from cotton, linen, denim, etc. that has been crocheted into tubes. She then forms them into designs that are inspired by the irregularity and asymmetry of nature.

zig zag necklace made with yarn in greyHer color palette is wide ranging, but I've showcased a few pieces that appeal to my love of earthy neutrals. Make sure to check out her shop though for some vibrant jewel tones and trendy neons!

yarn crocheted collar jewelry with shell accentTo browse and drool over all her designs, visit her shop here.