Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Sunday Snag – 40s Darling

short hair pin curls with hair flower on a vintage modern outfit

Look at this sweet little top I found! I was breezing through a local Raleigh treasure, Father & Son Antiques, when I happened upon this cutie smooshed between racks. 

This sweater is such a doll! Most likely from the 1940's to the 1950's, it is a rich blue knit with an ivory edged neckline. The neckline itself is what caught my eye. It has a diamond like pattern with two decorative metal and rhinestone buttons. The sleeve is a Dolman or batwing sleeve, which gives away its age too. The sweater needed some love. I mended moth holes and seams and secured the neckline a bit. I also replaced a missing rhinestone on one of the buttons (weirdly had one the exact shape and size it needed!). It still smells rather old. I've been soaking it in the tub every time I wear it and hopefully that will fade a little. I don't mind the "vintage" smell that much, but I prefer it to be a light reminder of age instead of a loud one.  I don't have many tops that are vintage (or many tops period) and I've been trying to keep an eye out for ones that I can afford and easily incorporate into my closet. This one looked so cute with a pair of ankle length, dark skinny jeans and flats.

Also, my new haircut is finally just about long enough to do pin curls!!! Yippee!! This was the reason I wanted to cut my hair off in the first place. I wanted to try out a bobbed type of look that I could pin curl. The salon, Eco Friendly Beauty Bar, here in Raleigh, did a fantastic job with the shape of the cut. The stylist and staff were incredibly nice too! At first, the cut was just a bit too short to pin curl. No worries though. I loved the cut and I knew that in a few months my hair would be the right length to start trying out a few of these vintage curls. 

What you are seeing is my first attempt. I'm not gonna lie, pin curls are a beast, but they are so darn cute! I'm sure I'll get better at them as I practice and once my hair is about an inch or two longer, it will be much easier. I love them though!! When I saw this photo, I realized that it looks like one of the photos of my grandmother when she was young. I cannot tell you how wonderful that makes me feel. She was a beauty and hopefully I can share an old photo of her with you all in the future. 

One thing I would have loved to go with this outfit? A pair of slightly cat eye vintage glasses. I don't wear glasses (had Lasik a few years back), but I would love them for an accessory every once in a while. And the hunt begins...

blue knit vintage sweater with batwing sleeves

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