Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Sugar 'n' Spice

1950s Pinup Style Play Outfit on ChatterBlossom #1950s #fashion #pinup

Here it is, the closest to pinup I can manage. I just adore the pinups of the past and wanted to create a version myself. However, if you've ever tried, that can be exceedingly difficult! Those girls were talented and made it look easy. Heck, I thought it might be easy too, but sheesh! Seeing how they posed and actually posing that way yourself are VERY different things. They really knew how to create length of legs and curvaceous shapes by subtle movement and placement of the body. It really intrigues me and I've been trying to emulate those ideas. Man is it challenging though! Have any of you ever tried doing a pinup pose for a photo? Or maybe just a flattering pose in general? I like to break down the technical sides of these things. Am I alone?

This particular day, the hubs and I didn't really have any plans. I just wanted to fool around with some pinup like shots so we headed out with the camera around our neighborhood. There are some really lovely places around our home to snap photos and hopefully our neighbors don't mind too much.

Vintage Fashion Done Today #1940s #1950s #pinup #vintage #fashion

My outfit is just one of the sweetest pieces of vintage I own. The shorts are actually the first in person piece of vintage I ever bought. I had only purchased my first vintage anything (online) last September and that was a dress (seen here). From that moment I was hooked, so I was thrilled when, last November, I got the chance to see vintage clothing in person at the Eastern Balboa Championships (a dance event in Raleigh, which I will be vending at this year!!!). That is where I purchased these shorts and my green floral dress (seen here). I believe those were my only two purchases that time around. I imagine that won't be the case come this year's event! Watch out wallet!

And lo and behold, who did these shorts come from? Yup, said all my consistent readers, The Cleveland Shop. Where does she get all these treasures?! And how am I going to continue buying them all?!! Haha Well, I'll figure something out I'm sure. Eating beans from a can maybe. Could you blame me though? The shorts are ridiculously adorable! They appear to be a 1950s, silk/cotton blend, high waist, zip up back that feature three stitched patches. The patches!! They are candy shop themed! One is a candy jar marked Spice, one is a jar labeled Orange, and one is a jar labeled Jelly Beans! AH, it just melts me! Plus they are in a color that I very rarely wear. Yellow tends to be a difficult color for me up near my face, so this is just perfect.

Retro Pinup Fashion #1950s #pinup #fashion #vintage

My shirt I bought recently from a tiny Etsy shop called The White Woods for an extremely reasonable price. It seems to be a 1950s piece that was handmade. The construction is a little wonky, but it looks fine when on and tied like I have it in the photos (which is really the only way I'll probably wear it). It is a cotton button up in pink and white gingham, which only adds to the sweetness of this outfit. 

I don't really have any pinup shoes because they are usually a bit too pricey for me to justify if I can't dance in them (which I can't because they are usually a higher heel). I would love to have a pair of those high heeled, ankle strap 40s shoes. Someday. The shoes I'm wearing here were purchased a few years ago for my sister's wedding. The wedge seems to fit well with the vintage vibe though, so I thought it worked well.

My accessories are a three fold grouping of items from my shop. My hair flower, "Let's Fall in Love" seemed fitting as it has an ombre effect of the colors in my outfit. My earrings are the "Lemon Drops", which are fun little vintage square buttons. The ring I'm sporting is "Paper Moon", which just seemed like a fun addition to the candy-like playfulness of the entire ensemble (Update: If you were looking for this ring in my shop, the reason you can't find it is that I recently sold it to a friend). Only other thing added was my vintage picnic basket which served only as a prop this day because it was crazy hot and humid and not ideal to go on any actual picnic.

1950s Novelty Patch Shorts #candy #vintage #pinup #1950s

Outfit Details
Shirt: 1950s Gingham from The White Woods
Shorts: 1950s Novelty Patch from The Cleveland Shop
Shoes: Purchased years ago from Nine West
Hair Flower: "Let's Fall in Love" from my shop ChatterBlossom
Earrings: "Lemon Drops" from my shop ChatterBlossom
Ring: "Paper Moon" from my shop ChatterBlossom (sold/unavailable)
Picnic Basket: A church rummage sale

Vintage style pinup outfit #vintage #1950s #pinup #rockabilly #fashion

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