Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon - Gaze

circa 1920s lovely lady in sheer embroidered dress with long pearls

I thought that while I was at the craft fair this weekend and consequently unable to do a Thursday Thrill, Saturday Shop Talk, and Sunday Snag, I would implement a new weekly post! This post will just be a spot to share one of my quirky loves. Old photographs! Not surprising with my love of romance, nostalgia, and stories! 

This first photograph of an enchantingly set outdoor tea with an elegantly dressed woman was found on pinterest and unfortunately there is no credit to the photo and no information. Look at her dress!! That embroidery and her buttoned sleeve detail is gorgeous! 

Help me out? What can you gather from the photo? My untrained eyes would guess that it was taken in the early 1920s by the look of her dress and that chair style. What do you think?


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