Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – Early Bloom

cherry blossom photograph
These are the lovely trees that I use as my ChatterBlossom background. There was an early bloom this January when we had an unexpectedly warm bought of weather.

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Treasury Tuesday – Rustic Greys

As you all may have noticed, I love things with a bit of history and age. Worn by time and use, some items just get better in my eyes. Crisp, modern items have their appeal (perfect, shiny, and new), but pieces from long ago make me think, feel, and imagine. A good comparison is the difference between books in a Barnes & Noble and books in an old library. I love books either way, but the atmosphere around them is very different.

Today's treasury embodies that hidden library feel. This weather worn collection was curated by Nora at VintageNoraLane and she was kind enough to include my vintage button hair pins, which also totally made my day!

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curated vintage and aged items from Etsy

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