Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Shop Talk – House of Athena

House of Athena Bracelet #antique #greek #jewelry #athena
Personality: The Wise and Just
Places you'll find yourself: Making clear and fair decisions in even the most challenging of situations
Antique Greek Jewelry #antique #bracelet #greek #1800s

I shared in one of my previous Sunday Snags that I started making bracelets for the first time. I hadn't done this previously because I wanted to come up with a way to make them easily adjustable. I have thin wrists and can never seem to find bracelets that fit without falling off. I know others have the opposite problem as well and don't want to be pinched by a tight bracelet. Well I found a solution that I'm happy with, so my bracelet line has been launched! 

This particular bracelet I'm sharing today is such an interesting piece! It is made with an antique button, reference title Greek Temple on the Acropolis, and it's dated from between 1880 and 1899. It shows a depiction, in incredible detail, of the Parthenon, temple to the goddess Athena. The scene is done in a silver/white metal and is surrounded by a brass border. The button is set on a brass charm and connected with a delicate chain that comes in your choice of lengths and a lobster claw at each end for easy adjustability!

Antique Greek Acropolis Bracelet #antique #jewelry #greek #acropolis #parthenon #athena

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