Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Beggars and Choosers

Vintage Shopping! #vintage #antique #shopping

Today, I get to introduce you to Beggars and Choosers, an antiques shop that I had the absolute pleasure of visiting recently. You'll remember this shop as the one that had a crazy $1 clothing rack sale a few weeks ago (see here) and I did some mad shopping with them! I also got the chance to meet the store manager, a super nice young lady named Mary who opened the shop that day for a 15 minute shopping scramble. She told me that the owner, Pam, was gone that day, but that I really needed to meet her because she was amazing. I, of course, said yes to that and I got the chance to meet up with the both of them a few days later during their local town's (Pittsboro, NC) First Sunday event.

First Sunday is, you guessed it, every first sunday of the month and many of the Pittsboro businesses in the cute downtown area open up for four hours (12pm-4pm) for a shopping day for the community. They have street vendors, live music, food, and sales and this was the day I stopped in for a quick interview at Beggars and Choosers. It actually created a nice atmosphere for the interview and photos because it was a beautiful day full of cheerful shoppers and people milling about listening to music and eating pizza on the street. 

Adorable vintage shop proprietresses #vintage #fashion #shop
Mary (left) and Pam (right)
That same festive atmosphere follows you into this antiques shop too! Beggars and Choosers is dripping with color, jam packed with treasures, and run by THE CUTEST LADY EVER! Mary was 100% right. Pam, the owner, is a complete doll and rather fascinating too. First, her style. Look at this gal! Bubblegum pink, ruffled jacket with bows, a fruffy lace skirt, huge 1950s rhinestone pink earrings, AND a pink streak in her hair! God I love her already. I was told she may be a bit late as she was out partying all night the night before and I loved her more. 

The actual interview had me wishing I was her. She spent earlier years doing costuming for the movies, holding fashion shows for the Fashion Institute in NYC, and collecting all the bits and baubles she loved throughout the years. Doesn't that sound like the life?! She is a self proclaimed junk lover and said that is why she decided to open an antiques shop 36 years ago. She's been hoarding for us all ever since. Luckily, she doesn't mind parting with her treasures though. She gets a thrill when things come in, but is happy to see them go to new homes with people that will treasure them too. 

I asked her a few questions that I personally wanted to know, like what era is your fave for fashion? 40s, she said. YES, another 40s girl like me! She explained that the tailoring of that era really drew her interest. As for jewelry, she said the trashier the better. Ugh, would it be weird if I kissed her?! Yes, probably. I'll restrain myself. Her brash and playful demeanor really suits me though and I imagine she is a riot to hang out and/or party with. I did think to ask her a supremely difficult question before the end of the interview. What is your favorite piece of clothing you have right now? Really, that is a mean question to ask someone that has so much. She thought for a minute and said one piece came to mind immediately. A 1930s jumpsuit. AH! Is it here?!, I asked. No, it was unfortunately at one of their homes, but they sent me a photo of the detail. This is a rare piece. Pants were rare to begin with at that time, but this is a beautiful green, purple, and blue colored one piece jumpsuit with tropical fish and coral reef beadwork! You can see a detail photo below near the end of the post.

Treasure Hunting in Antique Store #vintage #antique #shopping
First Floor Treasures
Super cute vintage shop proprietress! #vintage #antique #store #shopFun vintage cash register! #lucy #vintage #decor

The shop's whole look makes a lot more sense after meeting Pam. It isn't the clean, traditional, grandmother's glass cabinet type of place. It is a ramshackle grouping of quirky, undiscovered surprises that makes you smile and laugh. Not to mention that the shop was completely decked out in amazingly crazy Halloween decorations when I visited! 

Vintage Circus Photos! #vintage #circus
Top of the walls are lined with vintage circus photographs!
Vintage Circus Performers! #vintage #circus

The shop has three floors. The main floor is a hodge podge of antique this and thats, from a hot pink guitar, to Raggety Ann, to old war memorabilia. The basement is entirely mid-century furniture. It looks like a freakin' Mad Men set down there! So fun! I have the least photos of that space though because most of my time was spent on the top floor: Fashion. Pam said her favorite floor was the upstairs too. She loves seeing the clothing, hats, and accessories that come through her door. One of her newest favorites is peeking out from behind her in the photo of her and Mary. That lime green, I'm assuming 60s, hat just came in and she was bonkers for it. Her whole shop is that color though and it made complete sense why she would be thrilled with that find.

I had such a glorious time digging through this wonderful shop. Getting to meet the gorgeous Mary and fantastic Pam made the adventure that much more fun! If any of you are anywhere remotely close to this town at any point, make sure to stop in, you will not be disappointed! 

Vintage Record Collection! #vintage #record #music
Headed for the basement and passing the vintage record collection.
Hunting down vintage treasures! #vintage #shopping
Peeking through a hole in the wall to get a glimpse of the downstairs Mid Century finds!
Entire Basement of Mid Century Furniture!! #vintage #madmen #midcentury #furniture

Top Floor: Fashion!
Vintage Animal Skin Accessories #vintage #leather #accessories

Fun Vintage Shop Decor! #vintage #decor

Vintage Accessories Galore!! #vintage #shopping #shoes #hats #scarves

Fun & Eclectic Vintage Decorating! #vintage #decorHowdy! #vintage #decor #cowboy

Fun Vintage Halloween Decor #vintage #halloween #decorations
Crazy fun Halloween decorations were everywhere!
Well hello there officer! #vintage #mannequin #decor

Wall of Vintage Mannequin Heads #halloween #vintage #mannequins

Oodles of Vintage Clothing!! #vintage #clothing #hats #fashion
Detail on a gorgeous tropical fish beaded 1930s jumpsuit
1930s Tropical Fish & Coral Beadwork Detail #1930s #fashion #clothing

Vintage Loving Gals!! #vintage #fashion

Great Vintage Style Signage! #vintage #shop

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