Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thrill – The Garden Holds Her Breath

vintage terra cotta nature photography for garden lovers
Greenhouse Photography by HelloTwiggs

Up to now, the Garden around us has been hushed, her breath quiet and slow. Blankets of white pulled up to her nose she waits, still asleep, for that first itch of movement when once again Spring calls her name.

painted floral metal garden tool basket
Vintage Metal Toolbox from PageScrappers

When she does finally take her first groggy stretch, we will be ready with our boots, seeds, aprons, and tools to get her ready for her big day. 

women's rust red leather garden boots
Red Leather Boots from Pamplemousse Moose
cotton gardening apron with herbs and green white polka dot lining
Embroidered Garden Apron by Oktak
vintage spoon vegetable garden markers with hand painted pictures
Vintage Spoon Garden Markers by Daisy Chestnut

Because in the blink of an eye or the quick turn of the head, Spring will be here and ready to take our sweet awakened Garden to her big debut.

vintage wooden goose statue for garden display in bright green
Vintage Wooden Garden Goose from Curiopolis

Then all we'll have to do is watch her grow and thrive into the destined beauty we knew her to be and gather up the roses laid at her feet.

Woven Wicker basket for flowers
 Woven Wicker Flower Basket from This Vintage Thing
vegetable applique heavy cotton sandwich bags for reuse
Reusable Vegetable Applique Sandwich Bags by The High Fiber 

So start unwrapping your warm weather clothes now, for you don't want to be caught unexpectedly when the dear Spring reaches out his friendly hand to you too.

Garden floppy hat with straw flower detail
Vintage Straw Hat from Glamour Girl Chic
blush linen vintage garden party dress with floral detail on grass green waistline
1950's Floral Pink Dress from 86 Vintage
size 7.5 women's heeled leather boots, vintage garden with faux fur shearling lining
Caramel Knee High Boots from Shop Good Grace

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