Friday, August 10, 2012

Feature Friday – GoGoVintage

Feature Friday has me feeling a decidedly nostalgic buzz today with the showcase of GoGoVintage.

          1950's style cat eye glasses in yellow and clear              teal knit retro long sleeved dress

This shop is based out of the wild west of the US of A and will get your vintage lovin' heart all a flutter!

Selling pieces from all eras, from the 50's demure dresses to the 80's vibrancy, GoGoVintage will snatch up your attention with more than a few good times past. 

pale blue and white 1950's women's dressyellow woven vintage hat with bow and wide brim                                                                               Oh, it's sooo unfair too! The photos just make you jealous because this chick gets to actually put on ALL of these wonderful clothes and pose in all the ways I would in the mirror when I'm pretending to wear clothes like these. Only my version is much more pathetic! 

retro swimwear for women in red and white vintageThere are some beautiful vintage finds in this collection and they are very reasonable prices when you think of the time it would take you to find pieces like these yourself.                                                                         
I know I always have grandiose ideas about what I'll find in my local thrift, but I usually just end up walking out empty handed two hours later with sweat on my upper lip and a frustrated "I need a milkshake" feeling in my gut. So why not save the hassle and have a little vintage love show up on your doorstep? 

yellow and white vintage dress with tie neckline and belt by GoGoVintage

To view all the vintage goodies in this shop, click here.