Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Summer Fashion Recap: Part One

My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 1 #vintage #1940s #fashion
Time for a summer fashion recap! I haven't been dressing in vintage very long (a little less than a year now) and I'm not an everyday vintage dresser (although I would be happy to do so).  Because I'm still cutting my vintage teeth, I thought a showcase of my summertime outfits would be nice even for me to see. Gives me a chance to remember all the fun I had this summer too!

Because there were three months full of outfits, I decided to break this recap into two parts, so that it isn't overwhelming.

I would really really really love to hear from you! Thoughts, advice, observations are all welcome. Any particular outfits you like, specific questions you have, or ideas for future? Anything at all!! Grab a cup of tea and chat with me a bit if you can! 

You can click on any photo to go to the outfit post for more information as well.
***Side Note: You can easily see any and all of my outfits anytime by clicking on "outfits" under the Labels section located at the bottom of the left-hand side bar.***

            My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 2 #vintage #fashion #1950s My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 3 #vintage #fashion

My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 4 #vintage #fashion #1940s

       My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 5 #vintage #fashion My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 6 #vintage #fashion
My Vintage Summer Recap - Outfit 7 #vintage #fashion

Last Week's Thursday Thrill:

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