Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Thrill – A Day in Bed

Haven't you had those days where you could lie in bed forever? Not the "Uhg, I don't want to get up, I'm so freakin' tired" kind of morning, but the "Ahh, these sheets feel glorious and it's the weekend. Oh honey??? Could you make breakfast today? I'll have toast and tea in bed please. Thank you." kind of mornings. These are rare, but beautiful to me. The mornings that you can wake up feeling...strangely...happy? Not disgustingly tired, but refreshed. I'm actually afraid to let my toes hit the floor on those mornings. Afraid that that bubble will quickly burst. But oh, those mornings of leisure and comfort do come and if I were to have one soon, I would want these items in my bedroom as I awake...

A Day in Bed

100% organic cotton sateen duvet cover with colored stitching
Organic Bed Linen with Colored Stitching by FeneroArt
I would wake slowly, feeling crisp, cool sheets on my legs. Stretching my toes, the smooth sateen texture of organic fabric would softly caress my skin. 

made to order lingerie with lace detail
Women's Lingerie with Lace Trim by Sandmaiden Sleepwear

Of course, in my dream morning, I would wake up looking adorably tousled in gorgeous lingerie. Does this...scratch that...has this ever happened? Not yet, but I'm optimistic about the future.

Star shaped mirror made with stained glass technique
Three Dimensional Mirrored Art Piece by A Bright Black

Soft, morning light would start to filter into the bedroom through gauzy curtains. Once the rays reached the mirror hanging above the bed, sparkling prismatic images would burst into dance across the room.

Vintage Kimono Robe with embroidered flowers and butterflies
Antique Embroidered Liberty Robe from La Sartoria

Gently slipping on a vintage silk kimono, I would quietly get back into bed, open the morning newspaper (on my iPad) (I don't have one, but this is my dream so work with me), and await the breakfast that I can already smell toasting. 

eco friendly cotton packets of organic lavender to freshen laundry
Organic Lavender Sachets by Gardenmis

As I adjust myself on the bed into a comfortable seated position, the scent of lavender would start to become apparent and I would smile, remembering that I had left a sachet in my kimono pocket to freshen it a few days before. 

photo of steeping black tea, wood table, and dish towel
"Black Tea" Fine Art Photograph by Bird and Bloke Photography

Aromas of steaming tea, buttered toast, and lavender now mix together into the scent of what will surely be the perfect morning. 

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