Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Diamond

silver upside down heart photo with diamond encrusted charm
"Diamond Heart" Fine Art Photograph by Peraboom

April, mistress of May, dresses in dew and falling rain. Laughing light, silvery notes at Winter's gray glances, playfully mocking him with her spirited dance towards Earth. "Spring is here!", she triumphantly sings, her twinkling eyes alight in crystalline fire.


white twirly dancing dress with silver beading halter neckline
Vintage White Beaded Dance Dress from Salvage Life
diamond and sapphire 1920s vintage ring in silver setting
Art Deco Diamond & Sapphire Ring from Addy's Vintage
ivory sparkly vintage hat with bow in front and silver embroidery
1950s Sparkle Pillbox Hat from So Passé
ivory bridal clutch vintage 1950s or 1960s
Vintage Sequin Purse from Past Time Treasures
over 1 carat diamond antique engagement ring set in platinum with large center stone
1930s Diamond Ring from Somewhere in Time Fine Jewelry
vegan sparkle eyeshadow in white with glitter
Stardust Highlighter Eyeshadow by Hello Gorgeous!

April's Dream

The stream's breath tastes of the wood's perfume, 
Filled are the woods with foam:
And the sea like a sheet 'neath the summer noon,
With the languorous swerve runs home.
The beat of a pulse the warm sun stirs
In the air, the sea and stream,
Beckons the heart- and the soul allures
Forth, into April's dream.

William Stanley Braithwaite
kites with diamonds fine art collage
Diamond Kites Art Print by SpenderBuks

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