Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Cleveland Night Out

Cleveland's West Side Market #architecture #cleveland

Earlier in the summer, the hubs and I were in Cleveland visiting my sister and brother-in-law. They are our foodie friends, so it is safe to say that every single time we visit each other, we will have a good time. That and I love them, so yeah. 

I'm actually quite jealous of them really. Cleveland is a foodie heaven! Really! I feel like we could go out every frickin' day and find another gloriously prepared and locally raised/produced meal. Raleigh is wonderful, has some fabulous restaurants and eateries, and I'm not complaining in the least. I'm just glad that my sis lives in such a wonderful place so that we get to indulge whenever we visit. They are our adventure eaters too. Do you know how amazing that really is? Having people that like to try different things and don't care if it isn't quick, cheap, or "normal"? It is SO refreshing and exciting! It sometimes ends up being our own little version of the Discovery Channel and we have definitely eaten some weird things. 

While we were in Cleveland last, we got to visit the West Side Market, which is a really large indoor vendor market full of fun food, desserts, everyday staples, and some exotics. Not for the faint of heart, as you can see below! Random pig's head aside, we got to taste some wonderful pastries and picked up delicious beef jerky (not something I say everyday)(okay, let's be honest, who would say anything like that on a daily basis...)

Later on, we shared a bottle (or two) of wine and an extraordinarily tasty dinner at Fire Food and Drink. We got to sit on the patio, which was beautiful and on a clear night like ours was, we had a wonderful summer night together with family/friends.

On one of the last nights we were there, we stopped in for drinks and munchies at a super fun bar/restaurant, Momocho which had a keen eye for decorating with Mexican wrestling masks! And holy moly, did their margaritas kick ass!

We had such a great time and did way to much to show you, but I thought a quick little view from that trip and a few photos might be fun! Hope you all enjoyed and if you get to go to Cleveland, let me know, cause I can give you soooooo many excellent recommendations!

Butcher Shop Display #bacon #food

Best Beef Jerky!! #cleveland #food

Bakery Shop Goodies #bake #dessert #sweets

Glass of wine with friends #wine #food

Bottle of Riesling #wine

Dinner Night Out #food #restaurant #dining

Margarita Extraordinaire #margarita #drinks

Best Booze Display Ever! #liquor #drinks

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