Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Scarved for Life

1940s head scarf

vintage pin curl setting #pincurl #vintage

Yesterday, I showed you my hair in a pin curl setting under wraps beneath a red silk scarf (view here). Today, I'm sharing a few vintage photographs that inspired that look. 

A pin curl setting isn't super easy, nor does it happen fast. If you're going to do all that blasted work, you better protect it so it isn't time wasted. One way to do this is to wrap the curled setting tightly in a head scarf or turban wrap. You can choose a multitude of styles, but it is best to choose a breathable natural fabric if you want your setting to dry. Mine from yesterday is a super lightweight raw silk in a long rectangular scarf shape. If you're doing a dry setting, it doesn't much matter what you use. Just make sure to secure it with a couple bobby pins so that it stays in place. Speaking of self promotion, there are some cute bobby pins in my shop that would be perfect to secure a scarf! :-)

daytime head scarf vintage

You can tie it in a bow or knot it up top like above for a playful daytime do or you can choose a larger scarf and wrap it around the neck and loosely tie it behind for an elegant look.

Elegant vintage head scarf

head scarf vintage lady on bike

Vintage ladies in daytime head scarves #vintage

There are so many ways to tie your scarf. You can do a super simplistic one like the lovely ladies above or you can get quite creative like this fantastic example below. 

Parisian headscarf #vintage #headscarf #paris

Head scarves aren't just for vintage lovers either. There are tons of examples worn today. Have you ever worn a head scarf? How did you style it?

Last Week's Friday Photo Swoon:

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