Friday, July 19, 2013

Fantastic Friday – Sony Camera Giveaway!

Holy mother of mothers!! You could win an amazing camera today! You had no idea when you woke up this morning that you could be an amazing camera winner, did you? Well, you are welcome because now you can introduce yourself all day today as THE potential amazing camera winner. Boom!

Giving away a kick-ass camera on the blog today!!! #giveaway #camera

 I'm teaming up with some lovely bloggers to give away, you guessed it, an amazing camera. Specifically, a Sony Cybershot Camera.

I decided to take part in this giveaway for three reasons: 
1. I recently got a new camera that I LOVE and it has completely changed the way I blog and chronicle my vintage and shop adventures.
2. I have been the winner of a big giveaway for a Kindle Fire and it was crazy amazing to get something that fabulous just by following blogs I already love.
3. I adore you, the comments you make, and the friendship we share through this weird world of blogging and would like to give something back to you for the generosity you've shown me.

Here are the fabulous blogs helping to make this giveaway possible!
Pharr-Away | Lovely You | Coco in Magnolia | Perpetually Caroline
Raising Reagan | Until Only Love Remains | At Home with the Hinkley's
Pretty Strong Medicine | Just Mi! | The Accidental Military Wife | To be a Better You

The entries are simple...Bloglovin', Facebook and Twitter!
You don't have to be a blogger to enter!
Be sure to read the Official Giveaway Rules.
Good luck, friends!!!

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