Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Ready for June!!

1940's gals with their sunglasses
{Photo Source}
Here it is! The last day of May is upon us and the sunshine of June starts tomorrow!

I figure we better start getting out our shorts, sunnies, and sandals and here is a bit of inspiration to do so! These lovely 1940s gals are decked out in a wide range of the sunglasses from the era. They seem pretty relaxed too, in that glorious sun-filled shot! There sure are some crazy looking specimens of eye protection here, am I right? I don't think I've even ever seen a shape like the ones on the top left. Like two baseball diamonds. There is also an aviator, goggle, and flower framed type too. The one in the center is bonkers! 

What do you think? Which pair do you prefer? (My pick: top left)

Last Week's Photo Swoon:

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