Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School Fun

My little retro hair bow was just featured in a really cute Back To School themed treasury! The smell of old books and the feel of new pencils was always so exciting to me that I thought I would share some of the nostalgia with all of you!

featured items from shops all for school and school supplies and apparel
To view individual items in this fun, retro treasury, click here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Feature Friday – Elrond's Emporium

spanish black hair accessory comb
Oh man, you guys! I can hardly contain myself with this feature friday. Seriously! I actually wrote this feature a week ago when I found this shop because I was so excited. And now you can share in my heart palpitations.

yellow black sparkly hair comb from antique collection
how to wear antique hair combs newsprint

This shop deserves waaaaay more space than I'll be able to give, but here goes...

Today's feature is Elrond's Emporium, the newest obsession of my vintage loving heart. Norma, the owner and curator, lives in England where an ocean fortunately separates her drool-worthy items from my grasp.

silver hair combs with floral metal decorationsThere are currently 591 (gasp!) beautiful vintage hair accessories in her shop and I had absolutely no problem pining for every single one.

very old photograph of lady wearing antique hair adornment
silver antique comb tiara Elrond's Emporium is full of Victorian, Art Deco, Vintage, and Retro pieces, as well as a number of tribal, African, ethnic, and Spanish items.

You better hurry over and browse her treasures now before I buy them all for myself!

Click here to fall into a world of longing and nostalgia:
hair accessory from antique spanish and indian collection with turquoise beads and silver metal

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AAAHHHHH! Yippee!!!

Who cares about Wordless Wednesday when you've been featured on a beautiful blog?! You definitely have my permission to enjoy the Wordless Wednesday prettiness below, but then you need to high-tail it back up here again and share in my excitement! ;-)

Kara Buntin, at A Cake To Remember, asked me if she could do a small feature about my little shop on her blog and I was like, "Uhm, yes, are you kidding? Of course!" And then I promptly drove to Virginia where her shop is located just to kiss her on the face. Okay, I didn't do that last part, but I still might, so brace yourself Kara!

She set up such a beautiful feature too! Please go check it out (along with the rest of her blog and shop on etsy) to help me say thank you and share the love.

Here are the magical links:
Blog Feature
Her Blog
Her Etsy Shop
Her Facebook Page

Wordless Wednesday – Straw Flower

red garden flower with unopened bud picture

Friday, July 20, 2012

Feature Friday – GreySkiesBlue

Today's featured artist is Katie Bowman from GreySkiesBlue

mustache and bow cake toppers
This small shop was just opened this year and she is already doing tremendously well (which is understandable when you see how cute her creations are!).  

mustache on a stick for gender reveal party
These mustache and bow cupcake toppers are for baby gender reveal parties! How cute is that?! I've never seen these quirky cuties used that way and it would be so fun to be on team beau or team bow at a reveal party.

There are party favors, banners, and invitations in this theme as well, which means one stop shopping for baby shower awesome sauce! ;-)

black mustache and pink bow cupcakes markers

I heart texas post earrings
illinois and tennessee coffee mugs for giftsGreySkiesBlue also puts a twist on state pride with custom embroidered state art and mugs. The mugs would be a great send-off gift to loved ones moving to a new state! Great gift idea!
state sewn gift
Visit her beautiful shop here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Treasury Tuesday – Bloom and Green

Today's treasury is a collection from shops that are taking part in Christmas in July!

treasury of featured shop items in dusty purple and moss green colors

To browse these items, click here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Makin' Bows Like a Boss!

 Short family vacay is over and time to get back to work before my next temporary hiatus in two weeks. 

upcycled eco hair accessory bow with vintage button
"Ain't She Sweet"

So I decided to start making a few bows for my shop out of upcycled materials.
braided updo hair style with repurposed fabric bow in small
"Young at Heart"

upcycled fabric bow made from shirt sleeves and vintage buttons
"Buttons 'n' Beaux"
white vintage button center on hair bow for accessorizing for eco chicI've used upcycled camisoles, tailored shirt cuffs, and blouses for the main part of the bows. And then each piece gets a special repurposed vintage button! Love that part!

 I've gotten two of the bows up and ready to purchase and two that are excited to join the group soon.

Aren't they cute?!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Feature Friday – Little Tree Handmade

Eco friendly children's toys of naturally dyed wood eggs
Today's feature shop is one where simplicity and love of form go hand in hand. Little Tree Handmade is a small shop featuring items made from natural, eco-friendly materials, from felted wool bowls to beautiful naturally dyed children's toys.

naturally printed wooden coins for kids to help with memory

Can't you just imagine chubby little dimpled hands grasping these wooden eggs as their new friends while digging their toes in the dirt near the garden patch? Or siblings playing matching games with these stamped wooden circles while summer rains give thirsty fields their fill? These are the scenes I see when I browse through this shop, and I can't wait for you to experience them too. Enjoy!

multi-colored felt bowls in two tone colors

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Treasury Tuesday! – Warm Summer Air

Today is Treasury Tuesday and I decided to stick with the heat of summer like it is sticking to me! ;-)

earthy toned items from etsy
If you would like to view actual treasury list and items:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature Friday! – Morning Tempest Studios

cute yellow baby bib with embroidered zombieSo, I'm a new blogger which technically means I can do whatever I feel like and get away with it. So, that said, I've decided to implement "Feature Fridays"! This is where I will feature another artist on Etsy whose work I love, so that you all can love them too! Yay! Everybody wins!

horse that wants to be a unicorn embroidered on baby bib and clothing "I want to believe"Today's and my first ever featured artist is Crysta Icore from Morning Tempest Studios. I happened to stumble across her shop and promptly found myself giggling out loud. She describes her shop this way: "This isn't your typical baby boutique filled with teddy bears and pastels. Our bibs, blankets, and t-shirts are geared towards those with more eclectic taste. From steampunk to Ninjas, we do our best to create a shop where you can find entertaining gifts for the extraordinary family." And she couldn't have said it better! Her embroidery is clever, quirky, and has a refreshing twist on cute. 

gnome embroidery "Hangin' with my Gnomies"

Find all her super fun creations here:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July!!!

It's shapin' up to be a good one too! Not crazy hot yet, so being outside isn't unbearable. Gotta admit, I get homesick on this holiday. I love backyard BBQ's, corn on the cob, a sense of family/friend community. I'm a long way from home though, so today will be a day of phone calls and chilling with my hubby. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I will be able to see some fireworks from our house though!

Here is a patriotic addition to my shop (with a particularly fun name if I do say so). Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!  ;-)

red, white, and blue 4th of July hair flower with feathers, ribbon, and vintage button center

  "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"

Monday, July 2, 2012

French Toast and Dancing!

Yes, you heard me right. French toast and dancing. What could go better together, you ask? Not much! If you haven't put it together yet from the few blog posts I've written, I'm a bit of a sweet tooth. I'm also a huge fan of dancing, so when the two come together... magic fairy angels sing the macarena.

My new foodie friend has generously invited me to a dinner of peanut butter french toast (sorry husband that I leave behind to fend for himself with dinner). Then we will be off to a night of dancing (and possible indigestion)!

Off to make some pretties for my shop. I have a real sparkly one coming soon!