Friday, January 18, 2013

Saturday Spotlight – Wine Country Craftsman

logo of furniture maker
recycled wine barrels repurposed into wall hanging fixtures
Wine Barrel Wall Flower/Candle Holders

Today, I wanted to shine a spotlight on another master craftsman. This time, a man who has honed his skill in woodworking to an extraordinary level. Michael Weisse, from Wine Country Craftsman, is a crafter, woodworker, tinkerer, and artist. He creates furniture and art pieces that are both beautiful and functional with a rustic charm. 

In his words:
"I specialize in creating tables and other furniture out of 60-100 year old retired grape vines from California's premiere wine growing region.

Also, I design and create fun and wonderful pieces art from recycled and salvaged items. With over 80 copyrights and a dozen patents, I have a very active mind that loves to come up with innovative and creative designs."

For a bit of a bio, I found this summation while browsing his shop:

large 100% recycled wine rack made from old Napa barrels
Large Wine Barrel Wine Rack
Eco friendly lighting fixture
Wine Barrel Hanging Sconce Lighting
"Michael Weiss developed his unique functional artistic design skills over his lifetime. His mother, a professional woodworker, fostered his interest in both woodworking and art and taught him the basics of functional design. 

After finishing his Masters degree, Michael’s expertise with designing functional pieces of art was further refined while working for the Walt Disney Company. He started his own company and began designing custom wine cellars and themed rooms using a variety of different mediums which enabled him to further develop his exemplary skills. 

He has traveled the world extensively, studying culture, architecture and design and in so doing has developed a deep sense of stewardship toward the Earth. Michael has maintained his commitment to the environment by using solar power in his workshop and warehouses, building with 100% recycled materials, and donating all wood scraps (even the sawdust) to local charities for their gardens."

100% recycled L O V E wall hanging sign made from old wine barrels
Wine Barrel Love Sign
rare wood bottle corks made with reclaimed olive wood
Olive Wood Bottle Stoppers

I just love his commitment to being eco-friendly! Makes his products even more beautiful to me! 

To visit more of his unique creations, click here.

art furniture handmade from ancient grapevine wood
Grapevine Coffee Table

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