Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Sunday Snag – The Hat's Back!

1940s Fashion Worn Today #1940s #vintage #fashion

Remember this beauty of a head topper? You may recall that I got a hat for my Bucket List Outfit, but the photos of it on me were quite hard to see because they were dark and the hat is black. So here is a better shot! I'm still very much in love with it.

You can catch up on the details of my beautimous hat on my initial post, "A Sparkling Night Atop the Stars". I've gotten to wear it three times so far. The first time was for a date during my anniversary Date Week. The second was for a 1940s fashion show that I got to be in while at All Balboa Weekend, a vintage dance event in Cleveland. The third was a night of dancing during that same weekend event. It has gotten to be the icing on three different vintage dresses too! My bucket list dress first, a gorgeous 40s black & white masterpiece belonging to the terrific gal who runs All Bal, and a dress from a while back seen here in these photos today. I desperately wish I had gotten photos of the b&w dress that I wore in the fashion show, but alas, no one seemed to flash any photos during that entire show! I got to wear a 40s band uniform during that show too! So fun!

The dress you see here is one that I reserve for dancing as it is perfect to dance in, but rather delicate and too old to wear on any sort of regular basis. So she gets to leave the closet for only the most fun events. The last time she left her little closet home was in November to dance at the Eastern Balboa Championships (you can see a photo of that here). 

The photo below shows why I don't typically post photos of myself dancing. Yes, I am one of those crazy faced chicks. Very nearly EVERY photo of me dancing has a ridiculous face! I'm just too goofy and not at all classy when dancing! Hahaha! I can't help it, I have too much fun. Some girls look very poised, graceful, and nonchalant when they dance. Oh to look elegant! I believe the expression below is my utter awe at this young man's footwork. He was a great dancer and my face apparently couldn't keep in the excitement. ;-)

Outfit Details
Hat: 1940s sequin tilt hat from Flatiron Vintage
Dress: 1940s floral crepe from Macaroni Vintage
Shoes: Emily from ReMix Vintage Shoes

Vintage Balboa Dancing #vintage #dance #balboa

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