Friday, August 31, 2012

Feature Friday – Zverrriki

children's toy animal elephant handmade with bow

Today's feature is quite warm and cuddly. Or would at least like the chance to be warm and cuddly with you. 
green and grey stuffed animal teddy bear with bow and bell
velvety kid's hippo stuffed animal Zverrriki (don't feel bad, I'm not sure how to pronounce it myself) is a shop filled with every little friend you never had and always desperately wanted. Childlike innocence fills each nook and cranny of this most adorable collection of handmade stuffed animals. 

stuffed animal pig for children Ann Bratkova, based in Kiev, Ukraine, creates and stitches each little friendly animal together herself. She seems to relish in creating a miniature wonderland full of longing, but lovable faces to tempt the wee souls among us (and the old souls too, I might add). 

multiple color teddy elephants for childrenAnd if you're feeling crafty and confident, she also sells patterns for her creations. These probably aren't for the complete novice, but Ann does stipulate in her listing that if you tell her you are a beginner, she will send you a material list and some notes. She also sells a sewing kit for some of her patterns.

If you would like to meet Sasha the Elefant, Hrosya the Pig, Asterisk the Hippo, Vovochka the Teddy, or any of the beautiful Zverrriki creations, click here.

furry stuffed animal children's gift handmade