Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk – Cheek to Cheek

Last week, I did a Saturday Shop Talk about a small hair flower called "Make Those Eyes at Me". It was a little fuchsia and purple anemone and I had it pinned into my long hair (which has now been cut off).  I got a lot of response about the hair and one particular request. Caroline, from the blog Girl in the Yellow Dress, said that she too has cut off her once long tresses and wants to know how I will wear these accessories in my newly short do. Here you go Caroline! :-)

I'm going to introduce you to another wee flower in my shop for the first of these photos. 


Personality: The Warm and Embraceable
Places you'll find yourself: Exchanging hugs you just can't say no to

These small, light green flowers are made with hydrangeas and vintage buttons for the centers. Each flower has a different button and though I only have one in my shop right now, I can make more to order so ask away if you would like a custom piece or two. 

The first two photos are of this type of flower in my long hair. To do this hairstyle I loosely french braided my hair upside down from the bottom up. Then I very messily made a thick bun off slightly to one side and pinned it down, leaving loose strands to fall out as they wanted. You can wear one flower or you can cluster multiples in different sizes as shown in the 2nd photo.

light green hydrangea fascinator in ombre updo         

green hair clips with gold vintage button centers in twisted updo hairstyle

For my new shorty short hair, I left it absolutely untouched! Yippee! Less work and still cute. This time I just gingerly swept up a bit of hair from one side and clipped the flower in. This is straight out of the shower folks. I just let my hair air dry, combed in my part, and voila. Easiest hair do ever!

small hair clip in short haircut style
layered short haircut with flower hair accessory


short hair style with green flower clip off to one side

Last week's flower "Make Those Eyes at Me" would be just as easy. For a little twist, I just french braided the top front (basically my bangs because my hair is longer in the front and very layered). I started with a part far over to the side and tightly french braided around my forehead. Before securing it, I pulled the braided bits near the top front loose a bit to give volume. Then I just secured the loose edges with two crossed bobby pins, clipped in the flower over the end of the braid, and voila!

anemone hair clip in french braided short hair cut style
pink and purple hair accessory clip in french braided short hair style

Last Week's Saturday Shop Talk:
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