Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Sunday Snag – A Garden's Last Light

My 1940s Garden Party #1940s #fashion #vintage #style

I am tremendously lucky to be living in such a temperate area of the country. It is November and we still actually have a few flowers clinging to their last mildly warm days. We have had the temps dip a few times overnight, but daytime temps are still in the 50s which is wonderful. I don't do well in the cold. My body just doesn't quite function as it should once it falls below the 50 degree mark. Which is why I'm lucky to live here!

My Vintage Stroll #vintage #dress #1940s #style

These photos were taken on one of the last truly lovely days in early November. I didn't even need a jacket! The hubs and I wanted to get out and enjoy the remaining warmth, so we headed to a beautiful garden in a neighboring town to walk, snap some pics, and see which plants were holding steady against the coming cold. 

This dress was ideal for just such an outing! It is a heavier woven fabric (almost knit weight) in a dark blue with teeny tiny red dots throughout. This dress is coooomfy too. Soft and easy to wear with an easy tailored quality to it (structure is there, but not constrictive structure). It is a 1940s piece that I picked up in June from 1919Vintage during a summer sale. I knew this would be perfect for fall and the dress didn't need a lick of alterations when it came. Bonus! It has its original belt! 

Wearing Vintage Today #vintage #fashion #styling

Vintage Hat Detail #vintage #hat #1950s #1960s

My hat was a coincidental purchase just one day later. I was attending a dance event in Cleveland at this time (All Balboa Weekend). I had been browsing Etsy during a break in the schedule at night and bought the dress. The next day, one of the vendors for the dance event, Flower Child Vintage, had this hat at their booth. It was perfect for the dress I had just purchased! What wonderful timing! This hat is so much fun! It is a 1950s/60s straw with red velvet edging, thin red veiling and the cutest velvet star shaped flowers across the top. This isn't a tilt hat but I tilted it anyway (I can't help myself).

My 1940s Garden Stroll #40s #fashion #vintage #style

I stuck with classic accessories including nude seamed stockings and my 1930s/40s reproduction oxfords. Those shoes are stable you guys! I don't tend to want to do a lot of walking in heels, but these puppies are comfy and wide heeled, making them a safe park/garden walking shoe. My sole piece of jewelry is a ring coming soon to my shop. It is so sweet. It is an antique button with a couple of young lovers sitting on a fence under an umbrella. Many items have been "coming soon to shop" because I've been soooo busy with local craft fairs and events that these beauties are ready, but just haven't been photographed yet. If you ever see something you love but can't find it in my shop, just write me. I probably have it and can give you the info, price, etc. Don't hesitate to ask.

Vintage Detailing #vintage #fashion #detail #1940s #1950s #antique

1940s Stroll in the Park #vintage #clothing #40s #dress

Photoshoot Notes: Unusual experience during this one. We were taking photos and there were hardly any people in the garden (it had been raining off and on). However, a young man approached us and said that he was doing a photo documentary of things that happen in the garden for a school project. He wanted to know if he could take photos of us taking photos. Unusual, but sure! I must admit, it was really weird to have my husband taking my photo and this boy in the background taking both our photos!

My Vintage Garden Party #1940s #garden #party #fashion

Outfit Details
Dress: 1940s from 1919Vintage
Hat: 1950s/60s Straw & Velvet from Flower Child Vintage
Shoes: Gramercy from ReMix Vintage Shoes
Ring: Antique Lovers, coming soon to my shop ChatterBlossom

1950s Hat Detail #vintage #hat #1950s #1960s #accessory

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