Friday, November 16, 2012

Feature Friday – Walnut Studiolo

etsy shop banner of walnut studiolo and their hand-tooled leather goods
Today's feature is Walnut Studiolo. Geoffrey and Valerie Franklin of Portland, Oregon create hand tooled leather and wood accessories, mainly for bicycle lovers (and what appears to be booze lovers too! Yay!). They make some really handy little items too. Shown below are their reusable beer/soda carton, bicycle frame handle, umbrella/6pack frame cinch, and wine (or other bottles...okay just wine...) belt. How helpful would these be?! I love the idea of hitching a bottle of wine and cinching a baguette to my bike and heading out for a picnic with the hubs! To browse all of their creations, click here.

hand-tooled leather frame handle for bicyclist
bicycle leather cinch to hold umbrellas and 6 packs of soda or beer
bicycle accessory wine holder leather cinch

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