Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Special

I just got something adorable in the mail today!

hot pepper book marker with yellow and red beaded peppersJayne over at HandmadeCute held a give-away on her blog and I randomly got selected as the winner! I got the pleasure of picking out an item from her super cute shop (oooh, which one, which one do I choose?!!).
After much deliberation, I decided to go with the hot chili pepper bookmark. I feel like I just ordered it yesterday and it is here already! Got it in the mail and it's just so cute! Jayne packaged it up so nicely and had an adorable little thank you cut-out with her logo on it.

hand beaded hot pepper place holder bookmark in yellow and redThis is, by far, the nicest bookmark I've ever had. Typically, my poor but loved books have torn bits of tissue or paper towels stuck in them. Basically, whatever is in reach at the time. But now, my books will have a friend to help place a mark of memory.

I decided to place my new bookmark in a much loved girlhood classic that I haven't read for years. It is time to relive some youthful adventure!

I want to give a big thank you shout-out to Jayne for creating such a fun goodie and for letting me welcome it into my home! Can't wait to see more (makes me want a different bookmark for every book on my shelf)!

Please make sure to check out her shop! ;-)
And her blog:
Handmade Cuties