Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Spring Fling

1950's linen floral dress and men's vintage bow tie

It's official! ChatterBlossom has participated in a craft show for the very first time! 

It was so much fun and I met a lot of really lovely people. Plus, my cutie came to support me and even wore a vintage bow tie to match the little apron I made him! Doesn't he look like a vintage soda shop clerk?! My hubs is adorable and I wanted to smoosh his face with kisses all day! 

I brought over 400 items with me and about 350 actually made it onto the table. An 8 foot table gets small quite quickly! I'm a poor kid so I needed to use what I could find in my home for this craft show set up. I didn't want to spend a lot of money when I've never done one of these before and didn't know what to expect. 

display for jewelry, hair clips, and accessories

Instead, I used my tiffany blue silk curtains as table cloths (not ironed, I know...) and my bamboo like screen to hold all the hair clip flowers. I sewed on individual squares of fabric to the screen so that I could just clip on the flowers. Worked really well!

craft fair display table with old crates and vintage feel

I didn't have a sign so I decided to use our laptop. I made a slideshow that had a photo of my banner and had it switch back and forth between that and photos of the flowers in my hair. I made signs and put them in frames I had already and sat them atop some old crates.

rice filled tray to hold handmade rings

I used an old wooden utensil tray filled with rice to hold my rings

old wooden boards used for jewelry display showcase

I used my bathroom shelving for the pendants and bobby pins (for reals ya'll!). They are boards from old crates that I leaned up against glass milk bottles. Then I used split twine for the necklace chains.

jewelry table display for craft show

Can I say, this may have been worth all the effort just so that I could have the chance to wear this dress for the first time. It is a printed linen wiggle dress from the 50s/60s with a green floral pattern. I bought it from The Cleveland Shop while they were in town for a dance event in November. It needed a few holes mended, the straps reinforced, the back slit raised a smidge, and the hips let out and I finally got all those alterations finished! I love this dress! It was perfect for a spring event and I paired it with an ivory hair flower with a vintage wooden button center, white button drop earrings, and my swan on wood double button ring. Add red lipstick and a cute chap on my arm and I was ready for the crowds!

To top it all off, I got to teach a swing dance lesson that night for a party celebrating the 75th birthday of the matriarch of their family! They had a 50's sock hop theme and the grandmother even wore a bright pink poodle skirt and pink cat eye glasses! How fun is that?!

vintage dress and men's wear

Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes! The show went well and that was partly due to all of your encouragement!

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