Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Thrill – A Day in Bed

Haven't you had those days where you could lie in bed forever? Not the "Uhg, I don't want to get up, I'm so freakin' tired" kind of morning, but the "Ahh, these sheets feel glorious and it's the weekend. Oh honey??? Could you make breakfast today? I'll have toast and tea in bed please. Thank you." kind of mornings. These are rare, but beautiful to me. The mornings that you can wake up feeling...strangely...happy? Not disgustingly tired, but refreshed. I'm actually afraid to let my toes hit the floor on those mornings. Afraid that that bubble will quickly burst. But oh, those mornings of leisure and comfort do come and if I were to have one soon, I would want these items in my bedroom as I awake...

A Day in Bed

100% organic cotton sateen duvet cover with colored stitching
Organic Bed Linen with Colored Stitching by FeneroArt
I would wake slowly, feeling crisp, cool sheets on my legs. Stretching my toes, the smooth sateen texture of organic fabric would softly caress my skin. 

made to order lingerie with lace detail
Women's Lingerie with Lace Trim by Sandmaiden Sleepwear

Of course, in my dream morning, I would wake up looking adorably tousled in gorgeous lingerie. Does this...scratch that...has this ever happened? Not yet, but I'm optimistic about the future.

Star shaped mirror made with stained glass technique
Three Dimensional Mirrored Art Piece by A Bright Black

Soft, morning light would start to filter into the bedroom through gauzy curtains. Once the rays reached the mirror hanging above the bed, sparkling prismatic images would burst into dance across the room.

Vintage Kimono Robe with embroidered flowers and butterflies
Antique Embroidered Liberty Robe from La Sartoria

Gently slipping on a vintage silk kimono, I would quietly get back into bed, open the morning newspaper (on my iPad) (I don't have one, but this is my dream so work with me), and await the breakfast that I can already smell toasting. 

eco friendly cotton packets of organic lavender to freshen laundry
Organic Lavender Sachets by Gardenmis

As I adjust myself on the bed into a comfortable seated position, the scent of lavender would start to become apparent and I would smile, remembering that I had left a sachet in my kimono pocket to freshen it a few days before. 

photo of steeping black tea, wood table, and dish towel
"Black Tea" Fine Art Photograph by Bird and Bloke Photography

Aromas of steaming tea, buttered toast, and lavender now mix together into the scent of what will surely be the perfect morning. 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – Early Bloom

cherry blossom photograph
These are the lovely trees that I use as my ChatterBlossom background. There was an early bloom this January when we had an unexpectedly warm bought of weather.

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Treasury Tuesday – Rustic Greys

As you all may have noticed, I love things with a bit of history and age. Worn by time and use, some items just get better in my eyes. Crisp, modern items have their appeal (perfect, shiny, and new), but pieces from long ago make me think, feel, and imagine. A good comparison is the difference between books in a Barnes & Noble and books in an old library. I love books either way, but the atmosphere around them is very different.

Today's treasury embodies that hidden library feel. This weather worn collection was curated by Nora at VintageNoraLane and she was kind enough to include my vintage button hair pins, which also totally made my day!

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

curated vintage and aged items from Etsy

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sunday Snag – First Edition

Today, I'm introducing a new segment to my blog! The Sunday Snag! The idea is to give you all a short and sweet snippet about recent items I've been lucky enough to snag for my closet...okay, and to have you share in my excitement!

 The Sunday Snag – First Edition

Revolving Styles vintage dress

I recently purchased this wonderful 1940's print dress from Revolving Styles. My favorite color is green, but I can't wear very light versions of the color so this was a good saturated green without too much yellow undertone. The dress had an unusual pattern of blue and orange sprays with tiny leaves and a peplum skirt. I love peplum skirts as they tend to make the hips curvier and the waist smaller. I had to do some basic repair work (it is 70 years old after all!) and raise the side slits in order to be able to dance in it, but it is ready to go now! Excited to wear it soon!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Garnet

photograph of red birds on snow covered trees in the winter
"Red Birds" Cardinal Fine Art Photograph by Raceytay

January, kissed with winter's garnet lips, embodies the deep sleep of a still warm and beating heart.

handmade mohair wool infinity scarf in lipstick red
Hand Knit Chunky Snood in Lipstick Red by WearsWooly
handmade pillow in crushed red velvet with rhinestone heart center tuft
Round Red Velvet Pillow with Crystal Heart Center by Original Boutique
vintage velvet dress from the 30s in garnet red with flowers at neckline
1930's Silk Velvet Dress from Dear Golden Vintage
Vintage Cherry Pin with red glass and leaves
Vintage Austrian Fruit Brooch from Punksrus

1990s Fendi purse in red leather and fur with gold clasp
90's Fendi Leather and Fur Purse from ItalyVintageCloset
fine art photography of winter landscape
"Rose Sparkle" Red Rose Hips Fine Art Photograph by Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal

Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white;
Nor waves the cypress in the palace walk;
Nor winks the gold fin in the porphyry font;
The firefly wakens, waken thou with me.

Now droops the milk-white peacock like a ghost,
And like a ghost she glimmers on to me.

Now lies the Earth all Danae to the stars,
And all thy heart lies open unto me.

Now slides the silent meteor on, and leaves
A shining furrow, as thy thoughts, in me.

Now folds the lily all her sweetness up,
And slips into the bosom of the lake.
So fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip
Into my bosom and be lost in me.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – That's What She Said

dwarf loblolly pine, Pinus Taeda "Little Albert"

Okay, so a few days ago, it was absolutely lovely outside. I was itching to go explore the arboretum because I love going there throughout the year to see the changing plant-life. The hubs and I are strolling about in and out of lovely trees and even some flowers. I'm having a nice time breathing in the cool air and daydreaming and suddenly my husband yells out, "Penis! Ta-da!" Yep. You gotta love the hubs for finding the only genital related plant in the whole place.   

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Treasury Tuesday – January Born

"Behind a door inside my mind, 
the one I've colored garnet red, 
are lovers that my heart designed 
to stroll through dreams where passion's fed." 
Jo Lynn Ehnes

Celebrating those born in January, this garnet toned treasury was created by Lisa at ZiBagz. Lucky for me, she included my velvet hair flower in her crimson tribute! 

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

crimson and deep red products celebrating the gemstone of January

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Saturday Spotlight – Wine Country Craftsman

logo of furniture maker
recycled wine barrels repurposed into wall hanging fixtures
Wine Barrel Wall Flower/Candle Holders

Today, I wanted to shine a spotlight on another master craftsman. This time, a man who has honed his skill in woodworking to an extraordinary level. Michael Weisse, from Wine Country Craftsman, is a crafter, woodworker, tinkerer, and artist. He creates furniture and art pieces that are both beautiful and functional with a rustic charm. 

In his words:
"I specialize in creating tables and other furniture out of 60-100 year old retired grape vines from California's premiere wine growing region.

Also, I design and create fun and wonderful pieces art from recycled and salvaged items. With over 80 copyrights and a dozen patents, I have a very active mind that loves to come up with innovative and creative designs."

For a bit of a bio, I found this summation while browsing his shop:

large 100% recycled wine rack made from old Napa barrels
Large Wine Barrel Wine Rack
Eco friendly lighting fixture
Wine Barrel Hanging Sconce Lighting
"Michael Weiss developed his unique functional artistic design skills over his lifetime. His mother, a professional woodworker, fostered his interest in both woodworking and art and taught him the basics of functional design. 

After finishing his Masters degree, Michael’s expertise with designing functional pieces of art was further refined while working for the Walt Disney Company. He started his own company and began designing custom wine cellars and themed rooms using a variety of different mediums which enabled him to further develop his exemplary skills. 

He has traveled the world extensively, studying culture, architecture and design and in so doing has developed a deep sense of stewardship toward the Earth. Michael has maintained his commitment to the environment by using solar power in his workshop and warehouses, building with 100% recycled materials, and donating all wood scraps (even the sawdust) to local charities for their gardens."

100% recycled L O V E wall hanging sign made from old wine barrels
Wine Barrel Love Sign
rare wood bottle corks made with reclaimed olive wood
Olive Wood Bottle Stoppers

I just love his commitment to being eco-friendly! Makes his products even more beautiful to me! 

To visit more of his unique creations, click here.

art furniture handmade from ancient grapevine wood
Grapevine Coffee Table

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Call for Sponsors! – February is now open

Attention all you lovely bloggers and shop owners! The month of looooove is soon to be here and ChatterBlossom is officially putting out the bugle call for sponsors and advertisers.

My wee blog was started just 6 months ago and it has charged ahead at full steam in the last 3 months or so. I have decided to put a lot more of myself into blogging than I did when I began and I think it is quite obvious in the difference it has made! Back at the beginning of September, I had only 60 or so followers and now I have over 500! I made lots of blog buddies and have an active group of followers that is growing daily. I would love to help your blog, website, or shop grow too!

I have a very affordable group of sponsorship options from which to choose. You can find all the options on my Sponsorship & Advertisement Page link located on the left hand sidebar. Here are the general stats and options:

ChatterBlossom stats: 
(only 6 months old, growing daily)

* Followers via GFC, Bloglovin', RSS: 550+
* Twitter Followers: 700+
* Facebook Followers: 400+
* Wanelo Followers: 500+
* Pinterest Followers: 180+
* Average Daily Pageviews: 150-200+
* Average Monthly Pageviews: 5000+

Sponsorship/Advertisement Options:

Premium Ad: $15.00
2 available. Reserve a spot for Feb. 1st. Only two available per month! 
- These rotating extra large ads have the top spots on my sidebar for the entire month
- One full feature post about your blog or shop (example here)
- Option of one guest post or giveaway (example here)
- Weekly tweets
- Weekly Facebook posts 

Featured Ads: $10.00
4 available. Reserve a spot for Feb. 1st. Only 4 available per month!
- Extra large rotating ad space directly beneath premium ad
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Standard Ads: $5.00
6 available. Reserve a spot for Feb. 1st. Only 6 available per month 
- One month of large rotating ad space directly below the featured ads on my sidebar

Host your giveaway: $5.00
- One post to host your giveaway 
- One post to announce the winner

Ad or Button Design: $2.00
- Don't have a button? No worries! I can help. Just provide a few photos that you would possibly like to incorporate into your ad, what you would like your ad to say, and I'll take it from there! You can freely use your button on your own blog or anywhere else too. Button design, if needed, comes free with purchase of the premium & featured ads. Just email me after payment at springcypress12 *at!* gmail *dot!* com. 

To purchase your spot now, click here.
Have questions? Email me at:
springcypress12 *at!* gmail *dot!* com.

Wordless Wednesday – Waiting

photo of a hawk waiting for a meal atop a leafless tree in January
A hawk surveys his surroundings atop a bare tree in the dim January sunlight.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Treasury Tuesday – Colors of an Earthen January

January, for me, means a chance to see the bones of an environment. Her green robe fallen, Nature lies naked. What seems a quiet, brown monotone slowly comes into focus and life breaths a softer breath, waiting for spring to quicken its heart again.

Today's treasury embodies the colors of an earthen January. Sophie from MoonGardenStitches has put together a curation of items that tells of the earth's fallen remnants. Shells, moss, mushrooms, and even my little wooden button earrings all remind you to slow the frantic pace of daily doings and absorb the stillness that is January.

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

collection of earthy products as a tribute to our planet's colors
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I was picked to Co-Host Raising Imperfection Blog Hop!

It’s Sunday! ~ Welcome to Week #11 of Raising Imperfection!
Link your funny stories, best recipes, parenting successes, parenting fails, DIY projects and tips, photo bomb posts and more! We want to learn more about the people we connect with daily. Then…come back for Feature Fridays! Leslie and I choose our favorite links from the link up and feature them on our blogs!
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So join us…your hosts, Leslie from Violet Imperfection & Lanaya from Raising Reagan, every Sunday for Raising Imperfection!
Raising Imperfection
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Feature Friday – Fleur + Dot

Fleur + Dot handmade childhoods etsy shop banner logo

A few weeks have passed since I last posted a Feature Friday. Not that I haven't been inspired. There were gobs of talented creators to showcase! I was just busy, busy, busy and the holidays are for eating pie, not for running myself in the ground! So, that said, I'm going to try and return to featuring shops and items that I love.

Collared bow dress in oversized polka dots and large bow at neck for little girlToday's Feature Friday is the first one I've made in 2013. The birth of a new year makes me think of beginnings and beginnings make me think of childhood and childhood makes me think of cute things and cute things makes me think're almost there, don't worry...Fleur + Dot

Creating vintage inspired, handmade children's apparel, Brianne from Fleur + Dot is based out of the  independent design studios PetalPetal in Portland, Oregon. Brianne, owner, maker, and designer of Fleur + Dot is a wonder to me. She is a one woman business that does all the work herself! The clothing she makes is childlike, but not simple. The detail in her garments is perfect. Her designs remind me of bubblegum, fireflies, and bare feet on grass. A beautiful vintage style pervades her work and there is a Parisian appeal to them as well, in my opinion. Maybe it is the mix of femininity, clean lines, and a general love of polka dots!

Mint blouse with peter pan collar and bow for girl

The Fleur + Dot Philosophy:
- Handmade items have a soul...
- Childhood is beautiful, their clothes should be too...
- The classics are always modern...
- Beauty and functionality should coexist...
- Florals + Polka Dots = LOVE

High waist ruffle top denim trousers with wide leg for children

That isn't the only philosophy they hold though. They also "work hard to ensure our opportunities create opportunities for other women entrepreneurs as well. We source a majority of our materials from local or women-owned businesses. We also use a percentage of all profits to support women entrepreneurs worldwide by contributing to micro loan organizations". I love that they try to use local sources and especially women! Community building at its best!
blue striped ruffle top wide leg trousers with pin stripes and polka dotted blouse for kids

Also, an extra bit of cuteness is brought to you via her packaging. "Each Fleur + Dot order arrives in brown paper packaging tied up with string and now includes a sweet paper doll designed exclusively for Fleur + Dot by Illustrator Emmeline Pidgen!" What an adorable idea! Sending an old fashioned paper doll along seems like the perfect way to engage a little girl!
handmade denim blouse with gingham detail for children
jean jacket with gingham accent for children

To visit all the lovely apparel of Fleur + Dot and marvel at a true craftswoman, click here.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – Sisterly Love

photo by Eugene Pierce of feet and hands with tattoo in black and white
My tattoo of the word "sisters", drawn by me and written in ancient Greek. Photo by Eugene Pierce Photography

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Treasury Tuesday – An Eco Kind of Love

Today's treasury comes from a love of the natural world. Savenna from Solandia recently made a beautiful curation of eco friendly handmade items under the theme of love. Being a sappy person who loves romance and gushy feelings, I was thrilled that she included my "Hot Cocoa" vintage button bobby pins! Pucker up, people! I leave you with a kiss! 

To view individual items in this treasury, click here.

Earth friendly gift guide for your girlfriend

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Feature Friday – Emerald

photo of the forests of Norway in emerald green and moss
Norway Impressions I by Vladimir Longauer Photography
Emerald was recently chosen by Pantone for the new color of 2013! I was rather pleased with this choice, seeing that my favorite color is green! 

Greens, and emeralds especially, bring to mind so many different images. Lush forests, spring flowers, deep envy, reptilian desires all come out to play in my imagination. I love the dark and slightly forbidden elegance of emerald and I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds that I've come across recently that embody this color's possibilities.

Handmade lingerie in deep green ribbons and bows
Ribbon Corset by Honey Cooler Handmade

wire wrapped earrings handmade with stained glass leaves and vines
Green Leaf Earrings by KUKLAstudio

green alligator purse with emerald leather and gold accent chain
Vintage Purse from LadyYesterday
Green hand knit large cowl scarf in emerald
Oversized Cowl by Remember A Day
freeform organic glass bowl in gold, clear, and emerald green
Vintage Murano Sommerso Glass Bowl from bergenHouse
photo of magical forest of moss covered gnarly trees in emerald green
Mossy Woods Fine Art Photograph by Lupen Grainne Photography

Are you happy with the chosen color of 2013? 
If so, how are you going to incorporate emerald into your new year? 
Personally, I struggle wearing this color in large blocks. My complexion is pale and yellow toned, making emerald unsuited to my skin. However, I love emerald in jewelry and accents so I'm planning on splashing it on assorted accessories in my wardrobe.

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