Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature Friday! – Morning Tempest Studios

cute yellow baby bib with embroidered zombieSo, I'm a new blogger which technically means I can do whatever I feel like and get away with it. So, that said, I've decided to implement "Feature Fridays"! This is where I will feature another artist on Etsy whose work I love, so that you all can love them too! Yay! Everybody wins!

horse that wants to be a unicorn embroidered on baby bib and clothing "I want to believe"Today's and my first ever featured artist is Crysta Icore from Morning Tempest Studios. I happened to stumble across her shop and promptly found myself giggling out loud. She describes her shop this way: "This isn't your typical baby boutique filled with teddy bears and pastels. Our bibs, blankets, and t-shirts are geared towards those with more eclectic taste. From steampunk to Ninjas, we do our best to create a shop where you can find entertaining gifts for the extraordinary family." And she couldn't have said it better! Her embroidery is clever, quirky, and has a refreshing twist on cute. 

gnome embroidery "Hangin' with my Gnomies"

Find all her super fun creations here: