Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sunday Snag – An Evening Glow

My 1940s Day #vintage #fashion #1940s #style

Can you feel the warmth coming from my overflowing heart? I am love in this dress. Not in love, I am love. With each piece added to this outfit, I felt more tenderhearted. Very much like a gentler nature lived in these clothes before me and waited with patient breath to share a kind word or two with each new wearer. Just another reason I love vintage clothing. What delicate soul fell in love with this 70 years ago and decided that she felt like "herself" in this. 

1940s Darling #vintage #1940s #fashion #40s #style

This dainty frock is from the 1940s and she looks nearly as good as the day she went to her first home. A little faded from many long years of love, but otherwise in delightfully excellent condition given her age. I purchased this dress nearly as soon as it was listed in mid-July from Raleigh Vintage. Coincidentally, they happen to be one of my sponsors this month too!! I was overwhelming thrilled that Andi and Isaac, the owners of Raleigh Vintage, asked to sponsor my blog because I may be one of their biggest fans. I've purchased from them before in the spring and wore that dress on July 4th (see that outfit here). You couldn't ask for a nicer couple of people and to buy vintage from them is a pleasure. I'm pretty excited because ChatterBlossom, my shop, will be vending with them for the Eastern Balboa Championships coming up at the end of October. More on that in a future post! Let's get back to the dress shall we?

I was so charmed by this sweet dress when Raleigh Vintage posted a photo of it on their Facebook page. Really it was love at first sight. The pastel plaid of muted pink, white, and purplish gray was cute (as most plaids are, in my opinion), but add a ruffle neckline and dainty white lace? Of course, I would fall straight away! The lace on the front and back neckline is actually removable too! Those tiny little buttons aren't purely decorative. You can remove that lace for an entirely different look. Shoulder pads give extra perk to the wrap-around ruffle and even the oversized pocket didn't get overlooked. It too gets lace trim and a little matching button. Plus, for one of the very first times in my vintage dress buying, the matching belt wasn't lost! An unexpected and quite darling surprise was hiding inside the dress too: her original tags. Most tags have been cut out, have fallen off, or have had the label rubbed to an unreadable state. But just look at that label! She is an "Original, Jean DeLane" from the "Liberty Frock Co., Inc.". Gracing the corner is three elegantly dressed young ladies stepping out together arm-in-arm. Swoon!

My 1940s Summer Evening #vintage #fashion #40s #style #1940s
1940s Dress Tag #vintage #fashion #style #dress #liberty #1940s

I was excited to accessorize this dress as I didn't have a thing that would go with it when I bought it. I actually made this floral headband with inspiration from the dress. Now in my shop, "My Foolish Heart" is a tiny, pink velvet flower headband made from vintage 1940s millinery and set on a vintage (also 1940s) Swiss velvet ribbon in fuchsia pink. You can't see the ribbon here, as I have my hair covering it to coordinate a bit better with the dress. My ring, "Daisy Mae", also from my shop, seemed like she wanted a day out in the sunshine, so she travelled along for this outing. The purse was actually found the day we took these photos! The hubs and I were strolling through the open air flea market that morning and I saw this pretty straw basket style purse hanging from a hook above a suitcase full of old fur and gloves. It seemed perfect for all the sweet cotton summer dresses I've collected over the last few months. This is my first vintage purse! I believe it is 1960s based upon others I've seen. The leather straps are nicely worn soft and the clasp is a very pretty stamped metalwork. Quite glad I stumbled across it as we walked by! I actually picked up three purses that day, two of which I'm sure you'll see in the coming weeks. 

Vintage Fashion Styling #1940s #vintage #fashion #style #1960s

1940s dress detail #vintage #1940s #fashion #ruffle #lace

My 1940s Evening #vintage #fashion #1940s #dress #style

Outfit Details:
Dress: 1940s Plaid & Lace from Raleigh Vintage
Floral Headpiece: "My Foolish Heart" 1940s Velvet Headband, my shop ChatterBlossom
Purse: 1960s Straw & Leather Basket from local flea market
Ring: "Daisy Mae" Antique Button Ring, my shop ChatterBlossom

1940s Dress Back Detail #vintage #fashion #1940s #lace #ruffle #dress

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