Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Snag – Let Me Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Lounging in Vintage #vintage #lingerie #kimono

Ooh la la!! Looks like somebody got themselves a little something for sexy lounge time! For those that don't know, sexy lounge time is where I'm all dolled up for an evening out, but have like five hours to kill because, being afraid that I wouldn't have time to get ready and pick out my outfit, I start laughably early. Then, obviously, I'm done in less than an hour and don't want to sit around in my dress 'cause I'm hot from running around getting ready. Sooooo, what's a girl to do?

Sitting around in your underwear doesn't exactly exude elegance. Neither does a sweaty, pilling, grandma robe that's too bulky for your frame and makes you feel like you should be outside in your front yard, cigarette dangling from one corner of your mouth, house slippers damp from mud as you shake your newspaper at those damn kids. Ya, you get the picture.

Vintage Lingerie Forever! #vintage #lingerie #kimono

But don't worry! I'm here to save you from those embarrassing neighborhood scenes! Introducing the answer to your smelly house robe problem: the vintage kimono. I don't know if you've noticed, but vintage lingerie is crazy sexy and usually fuller coverage (think tap shorts, slips, robes, etc.), so you're not putting your thonged rear end all over the good furniture. I only recently discovered vintage lingerie myself (since this summer really) and I LOVE it.

I've had my eye out for a vintage kimono specifically for a couple of months now. They tend to be a hand's length (okay more like a football field's length) out of my price range (mainly because I oogled the antique Edwardian ones with gorgeous hand embroidery). I figured I would just add it to my Epic Dream List (yes, I literally have one of these) and hope for a dream scenario of happening upon a trunk of silk kimonos lying in the road with a sign that says "Free, For Jamie".

My Vintage Lingerie Obsession #vintage #lingerie #kimono

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait for that nonsense, 'cause momma got a kimono ya'll! I realized there were indeed some vintage lingerie, including kimonos, that were in my price range. I just had to search in the right eras. The dear hearted Amy, from The Slipperie, was my vintage lingerie fairy god mother (coolest job title ever). I'm already a die hard fan of her other shop, Wildfell Hall Vintage, so it is no surprise that I would trust her with my vintage underpinnings too. The Slipperie is just that, all vintage underpinnings! Glorious silky wonders of a hidden vintage world!

I actually bought my very first piece of vintage lingerie from The Slipperie. It hasn't appeared on the blog yet, but it is a pretty peach rayon lounging top. I didn't buy it for lingerie though. I actually use it as a normal top that I tuck into skirts and pants. Then I bought two beautiful slips from her back in August during a sale. One is a 1940s black rayon and the other is a gorgeous rust copper colored 1930s short slip. Now, my kimono lust has been satisfied! I purchased this only a few weeks ago and it is heavenly.

Sweet & Seductive Vintage Lingerie #vintage #lingerie #kimono

This pretty little thing was affordable because it's a mid-century piece (60s/70s) and a shorter robe. I was thrilled! I think I would be afraid to use it if it were a hundred year old embroidered silk. Plus, the shortness will make it more versatile, which you will get to see on next week's Sunday Snag when I dress the kimono for an evening out! *Updated: See evening out post here!*

Inky black and in a delicious silk, my kimono is a heavier weight piece with beautiful pattern garnet and moss green flower bouquets. Inside is a pale pink hand stitched lining picturing a delicate pastel Japanese landscape design. I must say, it is rather nice feeling like a million bucks in your underwear! Thank you vintage lingerie!

Lounge in Vintage Style #vintage #kimono #lingerie #fashion

***Amazingness Alert!***

Vintage Lingerie Shop! #vintage #lingerie

Remember how I said I was here to save you? Well it is actually Amy from The Slipperie who will be doing the rescuing. She has very generously offered to give my readers a special discount for one week!!!!! Enter the code Blossom15 at check-out for 15% off your order! Seriously guys, you should take advantage of this. I've been so happy with my pieces, Amy is a doll, and you know you want sexy lounge time too! I've peeked and there are four gorgeous and reasonably priced kimonos in her shop as we speak. Plus, do you like my tap shorts and 40s style bra? She has a handful of those beauties too!

Have fun shopping!!! Let me know what you snag, so I can happy dance with you!!

My Vintage Kimono Love #vintage #kimono #lingerie #fashion

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