Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Photo Swoon – Girls' Day Out

August, that oh so hot hot month, is the perfect time to get your girlfriends together for a sunshine filled outing! Here are some exuberant photos of lovely vintage gals spending some much needed girl time in the sun! 

Besides wanting pretty much every one of their outfits, there is some fantastic hair inspiration here too. Check out the photo of the girls sitting with their backs to us at a soda shop below. The girl's hairstyle on the right hand side of that photo is FANtastic!

1930s Girls' Day in the Sun #1930s #bicycle #fashion #summer

1940s Soda Shop #1940s #girlfriends
 Ice Cream Break! #1940s #1950s #fashion #swimwear

Last Week's Friday Photo Swoon:

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