Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Thrill – Aquamarine

aquamarine bare trees with birds flying against a starlit sky
"Altitude" Fine Art Photograph by Bomobob
March, the dawn of spring and the twilight of winter, a month of inbetweens. Cold breath, warm expectations, life standing still, but wind rustling her into pressured movement. Like a great swell from the sea, blue winds of early spring rise to remind the earth to green. 


pecan brown suede mini diary with aquamarine tie closure
Suede Journal Keychain by Badon Hill
antique white gold cocktail ring with diamonds and a large aquamarine center stone
Vintage Aquamarine and Diamond Ring from Ruby Gray's
1930s perfume bottle with rose etched glass and gold sparkle top
Vintage Perfume Bottle from Pascalene
baby alpaca and tusseh silk hand-dyed yarn in aqua blue green
Hand Dyed Yarn from Yarnesty Fiber Studio
cottage chic vintage style drawer pull in aged blue green aqua paint
Distressed Metal Drawer Pull from 2CountryChics
Aquamarine vintage jumpsuit with keyhole neckline and lace detail
1960's Palazzo Jumper from Victoria Westbury
Foldover clutch with removable strap in aqua blue green leather
Fold Over Leather Clutch by Rouge + Whimsy
Macro teal nature fine art photography of flower in aquamarine blue and green
"Ready to Fly" Dandelion Fine Art Photo by Sunshine Art Design

March: An Ode

"Ere frost-flower and snow-blossom faded and fell,
       and the splendor of winter had passed out of sight,

The ways of the woodlands were fairer and stranger
       than dreams that fulfill us in sleep with delight;

The breath of the mouths of the winds had hardened on tree-tops
       and branches that glittered and swayed

Such wonders and glories of blossom like snow
       or of frost that outlightens all flowers till it fade

That the sea was not lovelier than here was the land,
       nor the night than the day, nor the day than the night,

Nor the winter sublimer with storm than the spring:
       such mirth had the madness and might in thee made,

March, master of winds, bright minstrel and marshal of storms
        that enkindle the season they smite."

Algernon C. Swinburne

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