Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Sunday Snag – Sherbet Carousel

1950s Sherbet Day Dress #1950s #vintage #fashion

A very cheery Sunday to you! I'm feeling rather chipper and who could blame me? How can you wear what I've deemed a "carnival" dress and not have a pep in your step?

A couple of weeks ago (or Snags ago, in blog reckoning), I had said that during an outing with my neighbor friend, we stopped at Revolver Consignment Boutique in Raleigh. It was the best part of our outing too! I had never been there and my friend said she loved it and we had to go. Happy to help! I mean, what are friends for other than enabling... Well, I'm VERY happy that I went because I found this adorably fun dress! I also got to meet the delightful owner and her very cute doggie. We all chatted, and as you can't help but notice someone dressed in vintage (see what I was wearing here), she very kindly directed me to their small rack of vintage clothing. Saved me a lot of time cause I bee-lined it there immediately and grabbed two dresses to try on! The ladies were just lovely there and chatted with me and my friend the whole time. The first dress was a gorgeous teal 50s/60s piece, but the neckline was too high for me. My tiny head typically doesn't do the crew neck well. Then I tried on this beauty you see in these photos! It also has a crew neck, but because there is so much detailing on the top, it breaks up the lines and doesn't look weird with my very. tiny. head. (seriously, I'm like a gnome on top, people)

Vintage Day Time Outfit on ChatterBlossom #vintage #1950s #fashion #dress

Anyhoozles, the dress. Fun right?! It looks to be a 1950s day dress in a lightweight cotton plaid. The colors are what I would describe as sherbet? Kind of like a coral pink, mint green, and yellow concoction. I really can't help myself with these pieces. I'm 30 years old and they are quite "young" looking, but no matter. I wear them because I like them and they make me feel bubbly and twirly. Did you see the sheering (is that called sheering?) on the top above the bustline?! It creates a circus bunting like effect and is topped by little stone button details and a pretty peter pan collar.

This dress needed A LOT of work for me to wear it. Not alterations per se, but repair. It was slightly too small for me and apparently for whoever owned it previously because all the button holes on the back (did you see the stone buttons down the back! So cute!) were torn from being stretched. Some of the buttons had been moved to accommodate that too. So the work I did on this dress was to "patch" sew all the buttons and button holes so that they didn't rip. While I was at it, I went ahead and moved all the buttons over to give me some breathing room (especially at the neck as I sometimes feel choked by collars). I also repaired some of the sheering or pleating at the top and a few seams that were separating. It all worked out okay though! I won't be wearing this dress dancing as I don't think the buttons could handle it.

1950s Outfit Accessory Detail #vintage #fashion

1950s Dress Detail #vintage #fashion #1950s #dressAs for the accessories, once again the original belt was missing. I don't particularly love this belt with it (I made it for the outfit seen here), but I didn't have an alternative at the time, so whateves. At least it has a little bit of pink in it and some alternating pattern-work like the dress. I think maybe in the future a white belt or ribbon? Let me know if you can think of something. My shoes are just flats for walking as we were at the arboretum in these photos.

My little ring "Zephyr" got to come with me for this outing! I thought she added a cute and playful touch to the dress and mirrored some of the pattern at the top. Also, my hair flower, "Spring Ginger" was added to bring some color to the top and add volume to my head/hair. Did you see her button center? Perfect mix of sherbet colors to play off the pastel plaid! Plus, I kind of love the way the coral is at odds with my pink lipstick. Makes for an interesting mix of pink/orange that I liked.

1950s Walk in the Park #vintage #fashion #retro

Outfit Details
Dress: 1950s day dress from Revolver Consignment Boutique
Belt: Made by me from modern piece/vintage buckle
Hair Flower: "Spring Ginger" from my shop ChatterBlossom
Shoes: Express
Ring: "Zephyr" from my shop ChatterBlossom

1950s Walk in the Park Outfit #vintage #fashion #1950s #dress

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