Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Thrill – A Pink Fourth of July

1940s Daytime Outfit on ChatterBlossom #1940s #vintage #dress #outfit

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans!! 
And happy random Thursday to my international followers!! :-)

I love the red, white, and blue posts popping up throughout the blogosphere right now, but I'm celebrating Independence Day with pink this year! 

This dress is one of my favorites and you may remember it from my Sunday Snag post "Easter Basket Miracle". Well, it apparently took me until the next holiday to do an outfit post, but here it is! Isn't it just darling?! You can get the full info here, but just look at these details! Tiny open stitch-work along the bust, sleeves, and pockets, scooped neckline to bow accent, and beautiful glass buttons with gold sunbursts. Plus, it's bubblegum pink, so there's that. 

The dress is a lightweight cotton which is perfect for being outdoors at a picnic on this 4th of July weekend. Plenty of napkins ready to BBQ-sauce-disaster proof my dress of course! 

The dress was missing its original belt, so I had to finagle an alternative. I had a woven modern belt that I rarely used, so I chopped off the buckle and sewed the belt to a vintage buckle instead. Resourcefulness FTW!

The hat was a fun find on Ebay. The peachy flowers that were originally on it had fallen off (I have them, but they came separate), so I figured I would just add flowers of my own. I LOVE daffodils, so I grabbed a few, added vintage white button centers, and a couple of long green leaves, and voila! Love it! I didn't sew them on, so I can continue to change out the floral arrangement which I'm pretty excited about as it gives this hat lots of versatility. My hair is styled in "day-after" pin-curls, which created a softer curl that I love and I went sans makeup because this dress color and the humidity brightened my cheeks and lips for me!

I get to spend my 4th with my very bestest of best friends and I'm soooo excited to chat, eat, and laugh (I never laugh so hard as when I'm with these people) my weekend away. 
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend as well!!

Details on a 1940s Pink Day Dress ~ ChatterBlossom

Vintage Daytime Outfit with cotton dress and tilt hat #1940 #dress

Dress: 1940s Day Dress from Raleigh Vintage
Belt: Modern with Vintage Buckle
Hat: Ebay with Flowers Added By Me
Vintage Button Earrings: From my shop ChatterBlossom
Shoes: Express

Vintage Hat and Dress ~ #chatterblossom

Vintage 1940s Outfit on ChatterBlossom

Pink Day Dress and Cut Out Shoe Detail for Day Look #flats #shoes #vintage

Vintage Hat with Daffodil Accent on ChatterBlossom #vintage #hat #daffodil

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  1. That's such a pretty dress! Also are you sure you're not wearing makeup? Your skin is amazing!

    1. That is nice of you! I have really sensitive skin, so I can't wear much makeup anyway, but I'm getting more comfortable with my naked face. ;-)

  2. Very pretty and feminine. Such sweet curls in your hair too.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love that hat.

    Have a great holiday. :)

  4. You re gorgeous! That dress is fantastic! And the hat - love it!
    Have a great holiday!
    A Geek In Glasses

  5. How pretty! You look like you stepped out of a time machine :). And can we take a minute to discuss you not wearing makeup?!? You are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Holly! I know, I had bad skin most of my life, but it is finally getting a bit better. I have large pores but I figure, uhm who cares?! ;-)

  6. Don't you look purrty! And your hair looks superb.

  7. im really loving the vintage look! you look like someone from a movie. This look really looks great on you! Happy 4th of July!!!

    Delightful Ideas
    No Bake Caek Pops Giveaway

  8. My look beautiful in this this bubble gum pink dress and I love the sweet hat too! Enjoy the 4th. Be safe.
    Handmade Cuties

  9. Oh my gosh, you are rocking that dress!! You've got the perfect look there, like a postcard almost.

  10. You look so pretty hun, love this ladylike dress, its a wonderful outfit.

  11. This dress is adorable! I love it and you look terrific!

  12. I think pink for July 4th is lovely! Darling dress and the photos are really great, too. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  13. you look amazing

  14. You look amazing! I love everything about this post. Happy belated Fourth of July from the UK.

  15. You look fantastic! I love that you celebrated in pink and the belt you added is just perfect!


  16. Lovely photos, that dress...wonderful!

  17. Oh, I love this dress! It looks absolutely stunning on you!

  18. How wonderfully pretty! That hat is just amazing - I really like how you livened it up with your own flowers.

    ♥ Jessica

  19. Thank you all so much for sharing my pink 4th of July with me!! I so appreciate all your lovely compliments and hope you all had a fabulous week too! ;-)

  20. What a lovely look for the 4th! You look fabulous, love.

    Thank you for choosing to link up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx